Just in case…

Although I didn’t get a lot of writing done today, I did get some admin work done.

boxed set 1 copy

cover boxed set 1 copyboxed set 1 copyA couple of my readers had asked me if I would do some compilation books – boxed sets. I haven’t considered them before although I like to read boxed sets from other new authors. After being asked about it, and considering money is always tight this time of year, I spent today doing compilation albums for the first three books of the Cloverleah Pack, the Bound and Bonded series and the Alpha and Omega series. So if you have been thinking about trying one of my other series, then keep an eye on Amazon, they should be available within the next twenty four hours.  Three books for the price of one has to be a good deal.

Also, if you’re a print fan, like me, then you’ll be pleased to know that Book 8 of the Cloverleah Pack, Tangling With Bears, will be out in paperback version shortly. I got that converted and uploaded to Createspace as well today, along with the French version of The Runaway Cat.  My print books never sell that well, but I love to order my own copies, so to me it’s well worth the effort. Please note, if you wince a bit at the pricing, I honestly make next to nothing on my print books – Createspace sets a minimum price based on the size of the book, and I can’t lower them anymore than I have. However, if you are fan, keep an eye out on my blog as I will be doing another print giveaway real soon.

My beta reading team has been doing marvelous things with my books this year – they give a shine to my stories which can’t be ignored. Thank you all so much for your continued efforts.

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  1. Caligirl

    Awesome👍 Glad you decided to go that route.

  2. Caligirl

    As I do not have fb… I prefer this one. OMGOSH where did you find those two!? Panting here 👅