12 responses to Logo Competition – Smile

  1. Rebecca E

    Awe!! That’s sweet!

  2. Rebecca E

    And on a side note: Are we going to see Connor and his mate in Not Even Close this year? You hooked me with the excerpt.

    • Lisao79

      Funnily enough I was thinking about them last night, and wondering when I can squeeze them in – they really need their story finished as well

      So many men, so little time lol – there needs to be two of me so I can keep up with the stories in my head 🙂

      • Rebecca E

        Well they have waited patiently for this long, I’m sure they can wait some more. You’re just going to owe them major.

  3. Vevette

    I wish I had seen this earlier I might have “tried” to enter….. Ah shucks maybe next time. Thank you Lisa for your stories❤️

  4. Caligirl

    WOO WOO!!

    CONGRATS to the three winners!!

  5. Mary

    Thank you, you didn’t need to do that. Whatever you need hon you know that.

  6. stef

    thx for the chance and the small gift and congrats to the other two. ^-^

  7. Caligirl

    How is every one doing? Ms. Lisa, how is the writing?

    • Lisao79

      Good thank you Caligirl – juggling three books at the same time is interesting and time consuming, but I’m getting there 🙂

      • Caligirl

        Good to know. The weather here is turning the heat way WAY up!! Now the humidity is getting crazy … And it isn’t even late July !!

  8. Caligirl

    Hello Everyone!

    How are you all doing?