Meet The Characters – Mace’s Awakening

Hi everyone, so excited because Mace’s Awakening is live today on  As a lot of you know, I always pick out the pictures of my two MCs before I even think about writing. Today I want to introduce you to Mace and Roan.


This is Mace – I have to admit this was not the original photo I was using for my inspiration, but somehow that one got lost when I transferred files to my new computer. But this guy here is a good facsimile of him. In my book he doesn’t have as much hair on the top of his head or on his face, but that attitude is pure Mace.


Roan is truly pretty, at least I think so. Despite having a really hard life, he’s a warm and caring person, with a surprising amount of backbone when it counts. But you only have to look at those eyes to understand why I had to give him his HEA.

Check out my previous posts for cover reveal and blurb, and yesterday I posted an excerpt. You can order the book from Amazon here, and it’ll be available at other outlets within the week.

Have a great day peoples 🙂

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5 responses to Meet The Characters – Mace’s Awakening

  1. Caligirl

    Beautiful blue eyes on Roan!! AND OMGOSH! Mace is fricken HAWT!! Almost half was done with it!!

  2. Laurie P

    Wow, hot, hot, hot!

  3. Yoe

    Wow can’t wait for the release on ARE. Do you know when that will be Lisa?

  4. Sharlotte Cain

    Oh honey, I am loving this book. Although I could thump Mace up beside his hard head and sat Duh Dude!!!!! Keep them coming.