Meeting The Characters – Sean and Caden

As much as I would love to spend the day dancing around my office, thanks to finally getting The Artist and his Alpha up on Amazon for pre-order, I have been diligently trying to update my blog instead. So my book pages are all up, including one for my latest – you can read some excerpts from that story here.

Below are the pictures that formed the inspiration for Caden and Sean.  I really thought Caden was going to be some smart-assed character, but he didn’t come out that way. Regardless, I am sure you will agree, they were definitely worth looking at for the past few months.

AandO Bk 2 omega 1

This is pretty Caden – his eyes though, they do suggest there is a lot more going on under that blond hair than can be seen at first glance.

AandO Bk 2 Alpha 1

And this is Sean – he didn’t turn out quite as arrogant as I thought he would, but he definitely proved clueless at times.

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5 responses to Meeting The Characters – Sean and Caden

  1. Caligirl

    Well hello there! Wondering when you were gonna use these two hotties?! How are you doing Ms. Lisa?

  2. Caligirl

    You are very welcome!!

  3. msning

    Yeah so excited to finally get to read about these 2 hunks

  4. Lois Nettles

    Got my Pre-order – So excited!!!