My Inspiration

I get my inspiration for the characters I write from pictures of hunky men.  Below are the pictures I used for Dean and Matthew in Getting Close to the Omega; and Shane and Dimitri from Get off my Case.  Both books will be released in December 2014.

The picture for Shane and Dimitri came from the Goodreads MMRomance group, as the story was originally intended to be a short for their Loves Landscape project.  The scene, depicted in the picture really caught my eye, and the wolf tattoos screamed shifters at me, before I even had an idea of what the story would be about.  In my head (and in the descriptions) the men were a little bigger, but the basic premise was the same.

goodreads prompt

I had a bit more of a problem finding a picture for Dean, but I found one, thanks to K-Lein’s group on Facebook that I thought combined the right amount of innocence, and strength that was such an integral part of Dean’s character.

DeanOf course most of my shifters have very little body hair (if any) but the shaggy locks this young man has, and the pleasing face, along with the body shape, were all Dean.  Matthew was a little bit harder for a different reason.  He was a lot like some of the other Cloverleah Pack characters – big, long dark hair, but he had a softness about him that was important to capture as well. Eventually this guy caught my eye – well built, but with an air of mystery about him.  That was perfect for Matthew who is 120 years old.


For the face, I wanted someone classically good looking, who had an openness that suggested kindness, yet who could be strong when required. Dean needed that in his mate and I went through hundreds of pictures before I came up with this one.


Matthew’s hair is a lot longer, and his eyes are dark, but the face shape, the full lips and the straight nose are all his.

Now I get to troll my picture sights for my next set of stories – oh it can be tough being a writer sometimes 🙂

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