NaNo and Book Update – Day 5

Hi everyone, scroll down for excerpt from Copping A Lot Of Sin…

If you haven’t seen me on Facebook much lately it’s because it is that time of year again when all us writers huddle in our offices banging out as many words as we possibly can for the NaNoWriMo challenge.

I have mentioned earlier, that because I already write roughly 3000 words every day as my “job” I needed to make the challenge a little bit more difficult – otherwise there’s no challenge in it. So, like last year, I decided to write two books and my word count goal for this month is 5000 words per day for 30 days – 150,000 words.

Now I had the same goal last year, but from memory I only managed about 130K, but I did have a couple of unavoidable days off.  This year I am so much better prepared – I cleared my calendar, I told my family I was not to be disturbed – my daughter bless her heart text me earlier this evening saying “have you finished your nano today mum?” She didn’t want to disturb me while I was writing – so sweet. I go to the gym in the morning and then I spend all afternoon and for as long as it takes into the evening, writing.

Just finished day five and so far I’m doing okay. All five days I have done a tad over my 5000 word limit, which is good. Of course I can only put one of my books on the NaNo site so that is showing just over 16000 words as per tonight’s update.  From the story perspective I had a huge shock yesterday – Sin, one of my delicious MCs in “Copping A Lot of Sin” did a total about face on me – I honestly didn’t see that coming. But as you readers know, I’m a pantser and I go where my characters lead me. You can read all about it when the book comes out next month.

And just to tease you, here’s a tiny (unedited) excerpt to wet your appetite. This is from Copping A Lot of Sin, Book 2 of the Stockton Wolves.

“Where’s Ben?” Sin snarled, looking at Peter. Peter was Ben’s closest friend, they grew up in the same pack along with Dimitri who was Peter’s older brother.

“I’m not his keeper, man,” Peter said, although he kept his growls to himself. Sin might be human but he wasn’t a man to be messed with. “He said he had shit to do and I figured he was with you.”

“He was meant to be with me, but that fucking woman and her poxy poodle kept me all freaking afternoon. I texted him and told him to head home with you.” Sin pulled his phone out of his pants pocket before collapsing into the nearest chair. He’d had a shit assed afternoon and now Ben wasn’t around he was starting to get worried.

Hitting speed dial #2 Sin ignored the other men in the room, waiting for Ben to answer. After ringing seven times the phone went to voicemail and Sin cursed, clicking disconnect and then redial.  Same thing happened. Throwing his phone on the couch beside him, he looked up to see everyone looking at him.

“You’re feeling anxious? Chest hurt, ache in your stomach?” Shane asked.

“Yes,” Sin looked at Shane astonished. Was this a shifter thing? Instant health diagnosis. How was he to know what powers the others in the room had, he was a mere human in the grand scheme of things. But Shane ignored him, looking at Peter instead.

“When was the last time you saw Ben?”

“Lunchtime,” Peter said, casting a worried look at Sin as he answered Shane. “He had an extra class this avo, that art thing he likes doing. I told him I was meeting Kalel for lunch and he said he was meeting Sin after class, so I figured he was fine.”

“I’ve told you boys to stick together,” Dimitri growled. “This isn’t Jacobs Lake. It’s a much bigger town and the crime rates are a lot higher here.”

“Ben can take care of himself,” Peter snapped. “I know you guys are all big strong detectives and everything, but not everyone is out to kill us, or shit like that.”

“Tell that to the bloke we found lying dead behind Leathers this morning,” Shane yelled back. “The guy that could have easily passed for Ben’s twin brother.”

Watch for more excerpts and updates coming soon.

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  1. Dolores Marsh

    I am addicted please write quickly lol

  2. Caligirl

    OMG! I can not wait!!

  3. Tilly

    I have to ask what does avo mean?
    I’m definitely looking forward to reading this

  4. Aly

    Hi sounds great can’t wait for that .will that be the next one out or will there be another . Your books are great keep up the good work . 😀👍

    • Lisao79

      It will be the next one out lol – along with the other one I am writing although I am not sure yet if that will be a short story or a longer one – my characters are still making up their minds 🙂

  5. Caligirl

    You know, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Aly, it is totally weird that you two commented AFTER 6 P.M. on Nov. 8th and it is not even after 5 p.m. where I am at!! LOL