NaNo Day 20 – Update and Excerpt

Hi guys, well I did it, according to NaNo at least. Verified my 50,000 words for Copping A Lot Of Sin, but of course that is only half of the story.

If you have been following my word count progress bar, you will notice that it almost gets the end and then it doesn’t. That’s because these stories just keep getting longer so I have to adjust the end goal lol. But I have done just over 100K so far this month and I am still on track to finish with 150,000 words, which is my goal, with ten days to go.

The stories are going well, I am eating vegetables every day and still find time to go to the gym twice a week.  I’ve also managed to get almost all of my Christmas shopping done, but then I absolutely love online shopping – my courier and I are on a first name basis. I have to admit I am having a bit of trouble with The Power Of The Bite. I had the idea at the start to deal with species discrimination but I have spent the last two days writing a death scene (not my MCs) that had me in tears.

And as for the boys in Stockton – well Sin and Gabriel proved to be a right pair of a**holes this past week and I am seeing some serious grovelling in their future.  But at least I know how the story will end…but not the series.  I’m thinking Mace (human but awesome with a gun) could do with a story, maybe.

Anyhow, that’s in the future. Here’s an excerpt from The Power Of The Bite…I will catch you in five days, oh and there is a picture below.  Tiny and not very good quality, but yes it is actually me lol.

The Power Of The Bite (Unedited)

Dax snorted to himself as he poured himself a slug of scotch. He thought he knew everything there was to know about Cole’s background. The guy had been his best friend for more than twenty years. They’d grown up together for goodness sake. But apparently he wasn’t a very good judge of character, not if Cole’s latest threats were anything to go by.

“Hello Dax.” Fucking hell. The guy just didn’t know when to quit. Dax turned, the grip on his glass of scotch tightening.

“What do you want, Cole? I told you I didn’t want you anywhere near me or this club again.”

“And I know you don’t mean that, babe.” Cole came forward and in the lights above the bar, Dax noticed Cole was wearing what he used to call his “pulling clothes” even though it was only around midday. Jeans so tight they were almost painted on, an equally tight shirt with half the buttons undone. Cole’s big wolf belt buckle glinted off the reflected lights in the glassware, and Dax knew without looking down the man would be wearing cowboy boots. Like Cole had ever been near a horse in his life.

“I did mean it, every fucking word, and I am deadly serious. You come one step closer to me and I fucking shred you where you stand. You’ve never called me babe before and I don’t like it now.”

Cole leaned over the wide bar, sticking out his ass as though he was offering. “We’ve been friends a long time, you can’t cut me out of your life now.”

“Friends don’t threaten each other. You threatened my mate, for goodness sake. What did you think I was going to do, slap you on the back and say don’t worry about it?”

“You could slap me on my ass and I wouldn’t worry about that. In fact I’m sure I’d like it,” Cole said as he wiggled said body part for emphasis. For fucks sake. Really? Cole was still on a seduction binge?

“I don’t want you Cole. I’ve never wanted you that way. We were friends, nothing more and for the last fucking time, I’m already mated.”

“It’s the night of the full moon tomorrow, Dax.” Cole had apparently changed tact. “Won’t your wolf miss running with the pack through the trees under the moon.”

Dax stifled a sigh, because yes, he would miss it. But he knew what he’d have to give up by mating Zane and he didn’t regret it for an instance.

“I will be running,” he said instead. “On coven land. That’s the only thing that’ll be different.”

“It’s no fun without the pack.” Dax didn’t bother answering. Cole was right, there was nothing more exhilarating than running with other wolves under the night sky. The thrill of the hunt, the scent and sound of creatures just like him.

“I have my mate, and that means more to me than anything else.”

Cole shifted around on his feet, and then looked at Dax, his grin splitting his face right open. “What makes you think you’ll have your mate after the full moon? After all, all spells have to wear off sometimes and then you’ll be ripe and ready to claim me.”

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  1. Aly

    So glad u won good for you🎉🎉🎉the new books sound great can’t wait till they come out keep up the good work 👍 And don’t forget some time for your self 😀.

  2. Cindy Garzone

    i really want you to keep listening to the guys and tell us all about what they tell you in Copping A Lot Of Sin!!

    i am excited that you are also working The Power Of The Bite.. wow.. looks intriguing!!

    love what you do!

  3. Caligirl