NaNo Update – Day 10 – Plus Excerpt

Hi everyone, I am up to day ten, well day eleven in this country, but still. As you can see the word counts for both stories are slowly creeping up every day – I have managed over 60,000 words so far, this month…BUT

I have done NaNo a couple of times now, and I know only too well how easy it is to start with a hiss and a roar, especially when I write full time anyway. But for me, it’s day eleven, I haven’t had a day off like I usually have at least once a week, and I know I am going to hit the slump really soon. I’m not being a pessimist – it’s what happens when you are writing a book, whether it is as part of the NaNo challenge, or just because you love too (like me).

So, to hopefully stem off the problems of the NaNo slump, I am trying to eat reasonably healthy foods.  I am going to gym twice a week and I have been making time to spend with family members, even if it means writing until late in the evening that day. I am well stocked up on chocolate buttons (my favorite at the moment), cigarettes, plenty of tea bags and lots of water. In other words I have everything I need to complete my two books this month.  As always, your support is the icing on my chocolate cake 🙂

I haven’t said a lot about this second story I am writing. You know my first and main book for this month is Copping A Lot Of Sin – and yep, those guys are doing really well, thank you for asking. In this other book, The Power Of The Bite, I had this idea months ago about what would happen if a vampire and wolf shifter were mates, but they lived in a world where they hid their existence from humans, and there was longstanding animosity between both species. I have to confess this is the first story I have ever started, that I didn’t finish at the time. But these two guys – Dax the wolf shifter and Zane the vampire – haven’t been leaving me alone, so as part of the challenge I am determined to finish this one too.

Here’s a wee taste, let me know what you think (unedited).

Patting his face dry, Zane heard a series of growls, and some snapping of teeth. Fuck. Rushing back into the bedroom, he saw Dax, well, he presumed it was his mate, had shifted and was facing off against a very pissed off Van and Broz. Dax was a very big, very black wolf, but Zane didn’t have the time to appreciate the beauty of his fine form.

“Don’t hurt him.” Zane wasn’t sure who he was protecting from who, but he moved quickly, putting himself between his friends and his mate.

“What the fuck, Z?” Broz snarled, trying to see past Zane. “Since when did you start taking wolves to your bed? Since when did you have anyone in your bed full stop? You’re a hook up kinda guy and this one is well out of his territory. He’s got no right to be here.”

“He’s done you some good though,” Van said thoughtfully, studying Zane’s face. Then he turned to Broz. “Your friend is looking a lot better than he was a few days ago.”

“You’re feeding from a wolf?” If anything, Broz seemed even more incensed, and with Dax still growling and showing his teeth, the situation was getting beyond tense.

“I’m not having this conversation naked,” Zane said decisively, suddenly conscious of his mating scar. With his pale skin it was barely noticeable but he wanted the protection of clothes before Broz had something else to get shitty about. He wasn’t going to hide his mate but he’d like the share the information about it on his own terms, preferably with clothes on.

“Let’s go put some coffee on,” Van said, slapping his mate’s arm. “You’re gonna scare the puppy with all your macho posturing. Fancy some breakfast, Z? You and your not-so-little friend?”

“Yeah. Thanks. We’ll be out in a minute,” Zane said. Thank God for Van. He was always the voice of reason in contrast to his volatile natured friend. He waited until Van had dragged a grumbling Broz from the room and then shut the door firmly behind them both. By the time he had turned around Dax had shifted back to his sexy human form, and Zane felt his body responding.

“You have no idea how badly I want to plow that ass of yours,” Dax said, the growl still evident in his voice as he slinked off the bed and stalked Zane as if he was prey. Zane could still see the wolf in Dax’s eyes, the spikes of yellow an odd contrast to the green.

“Do you think I could introduce you to my friends first?” Zane wasn’t going to challenge Dax with the wolf still riding so close to the surface, but he knew that Broz wouldn’t wait around for an explanation. “Maybe share some breakfast?”

Dax’s stomach picked that moment to rumble loudly around the room, and Dax stopped just short of Zane and laughed.

“Yeah, I’m guessing some food might be in order. What are you going to tell your friends? Did you need to palm me off as a hookup for now?”


Thank you all for your messages – as much as I love all of my characters, when you let me know that you see something special in them too – it makes my heart sing. Thank you 🙂



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11 responses to NaNo Update – Day 10 – Plus Excerpt

  1. Yoe

    I love it. I love it .. I (*do a happy dance*) I am so glad you have decided to do two stories for the NaNo challenge and I can’t wait for the publication dates. Go take a brake and get back to the writing before the chocolate kisses is gone and you have a reason to stop writing. Remember your health comes first along with your family so take brakes regularly and sleep enough.

  2. Heather Leonard

    Hi Lisa *waves* The new book sounds awesome. Glad you are feeling good about NaNo. I love your stories, and always look forward to what that awesome brain of yours comes up with next. Hoping you have a fun and stress free rest of NaNo.

  3. Judy Stone

    Love this! So glad you decided to finish Dax and Zane’s story.

  4. Caligirl

    OMG!! I can not wait!! Broz is gonna be a serious issue for Z & D. When will this be available?

  5. Lisao79

    Thank you ladies, how lovely to check my site this morning and see so much support for this new story 🙂 Almost better than chocolate and that is definitely saying something. This book, like Copping A Lot Of Sin, will be out in December 🙂 Have a great day ladies

  6. Kerry

    Wow just wow I can not wait for this one to be finished
    Good luck with your challenge I know you can do it

  7. Aly

    Ok now that sounds like a good book will look forward to reading it good luck with getting both your books done 👍 When u get them both done does that mean you will get them out for christmas 🙏 I hope so keep up the great work.

  8. Vanessa

    This sounds like another winner!!! I love when Dax ‘slinked’ towards him. I could feel the sexual tension when I read that!!!! I will definitely be looking out for it 🙂