NaNo Update – Day 15 plus excerpt

It has been a madhouse around my place over the last couple of days – people moving out, things getting shifted around and I have to admit that doesn’t make for the best of writing environments. But I am still semi-on track and although I didn’t manage my complete 5000 words today, I did do just over 4000. As I come to the end of my day 15 I have completed 80866 words, which puts me on track to finish the 150,000 I wanted to achieve for the month.

I have to admit I am tired, and my brain is going a bit wonky, I’m sure of it. But the stories themselves are plodding along nicely. Unfortunately I have a total of five MCs over the two books who just don’t want to tidy things up – claiming side of things is fine, but the story lines – my boys do like to drag things out. But I anticipate that The Power Of The Bite will be finished this week and Copping A Lot Of Sin will be finished before the month is out.

I did have a whole post planned today, talking about the joys of NaNo and some of the things I learned while working my way through this one. But I am tired, so I am going to close with another snippet from Copping A Lot Of Sin, and will catch you all in about another five days.

Thank you for your support – it really does mean a lot to me 🙂

Copping A Lot Of Sin – Excerpt (Unedited)

Ben wrapped his arms around Sin’s neck and whispered so none of the others could hear. “Don’t freak out. One, if he’s our mate then I’m going to react in the same way. Two, we don’t have to mate with him. Any mate has the right of refusal. Three, if he is our mate, and he’s got a killer shadowing his every move then he needs our help and we can’t ignore that whether we claim him or not.”

His little wolf was right, and besides Ben could be in real danger because it was men like his mate that were being killed, not men like himself. Sin owed it to both of them to at least meet Gabriel and hear what he had to say. He wasn’t so sure about this mating thing though – he wasn’t usually a threesome type of person and he doubted that Ben had ever done anything like that either.

He didn’t have time to think anymore because Dimitri came into the kitchen followed by the man Sin now knew was Gabriel. The man was still in his leather pants, and had teamed it up with an open jacket, still wearing his winners sash underneath.

“So you did win?” Sin couldn’t help himself. Gabriel could have given him a run for his money, but Sin still figured he could have beaten him.

“With you out of the running, was there any doubt?” Great, Gabriel was cocky too. Just what Sin didn’t need. Then Gabriel’s eyes lit up when he took a second look at Ben who was still sitting on Sin’s lap.

“Damn, brother, we have got so much in common. This your boy?”

“My mate and I’m not your brother,” Sin growled, his hold on Ben tightening as though his sexy man would just disappear. Ben was watching Gabriel closely, but apart from an increased scent of arousal from his little wolf, he didn’t seem to want to say anything, which Sin figured was a good thing.

“No you’re not my brother in the literal sense, we’re brothers under the fur. But if you and him…and me and you…that means me and…” Gabriel had been pointing as he spoke, and then he took a deliberate sniff of the air, his nose twitching.

“Hot Damn! Two of you. The Fates have been good to me.” Gabriel collapsed in the closest chair, fanning himself with his hand as he looked first at Ben and then at Sin again. Sin couldn’t help his response, he’d swear that to his dying day, but by all that was holy he wanted to taste that mouth even as he felt guilty for even thinking about it. It was only Ben’s solid presence on his lap that stopped him from leaning over the table and taking what he wanted. But if Ben’s sexy ass moved just one inch he was going to cream his pants.

Gabriel leaned back in his chair, his hands framing what seemed to be a more than adequate package in his straining pants. “So how you want to do this, then bro? You and me? You and him, or all of us together?”

“Put your hormones on hold, bear,” Dimitri said roughly. “There’s something more important we need to discuss.”

“Can’t think what.” Gabriel said and his grin lit up the room. “But if you want to talk, fine. I can chill for five minutes. Got any of that coffee left in the pot. I’m parched.”

Shane got up and got an extra cup, bringing the coffee pot to the table. Ben leaned forward and grabbed a top up for himself and Sin, and then lay back, seemingly happy to be in Sin’s arms. Sin wondered for how long for. Gabriel appeared younger than Sin, more Ben’s age and he was a walking dreamboat for any gay man. Ben’s hand running down his arm soothed him somewhat, but he watched Gabriel suspiciously.

Gabriel poured himself a cup of coffee, flexing his muscles, Sin was sure deliberately. The fucking guy was a born poser, he didn’t have to look so good doing it though. Fucking ass.

“Okay,” Gabriel continued when he’d taken a sip of the brew, black Sin noticed, just like his. “I know who these two are, fine detectives and all that. I know you’re known as Master Sin, because I asked, is that you’re real name?”

“Sin? Yes.” Sin could hold it together but he wasn’t sure for how much longer. Gabriel was pushing all of his buttons with his sheer existence.

“Sin right, and you are?” Gabriel pointed at Ben.

“Ben.” Seemed his mate was having the same problems.

“Nice.” Gabriel smiled. “Short and easy to remember. Now detectives what do you want to know about me before you let me lose on your pack members?”

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  1. Caligirl

    At this moment in time, I am not liking Gabriel!! An arrogant jerk off!! What is his species? But I can not wait to see how this book plays out!!

    • Lisao79

      Gabriel is actually a sweetheart as you will see – it’s just he’s a bear and they are a bit blunt about things – he will prove to be a total honey, I promise 🙂

  2. Caligirl

    HUGE HUGS to you hon. take a little break.

  3. Judy Stone

    *rubs hands together and cackling* Can’t wait to read this Lisa. Please kick back, relax, have a great meal and chill.

    • Lisao79

      Thank you Judy, my son cooked for me last night, so I am feeling a bit better this morning. Am going to start writing again shortly – I’m over half way lol

  4. Caligirl

    WOO WOO!! Congrats on EVERYTHING!! YOU CAN DO IT!!