NaNoWriMo Day 19 Update and My Writing Day

I admit I was 132 words short of my 5K goal today, but the stories are both going so well, and I had reached the end of a chapter in both books, that it seemed like a good time to stop.  One of the key things I have learned about this particular challenge is the importance of pacing myself.

For example this morning I didn’t get up until almost ten am (I hadn’t gone to bed until 3am in case you think I am a total slug, lol). I had my cup of tea, which I can never do without, and read for two hours before even thinking about writing.  My reading, always in the MM genre (and shifters when I can find them), is a crucial part of my writing process.  Reading gives me the ability to separate from my real world, that involves adult children, grandchildren, bills to pay, chores to do – you get the drift – and my fantasy world where the men are hot, love is vitally important and there is always something going on.

After reading, I go through my emails, check my accounts and sales, see what is happening on Facebook and then, only then, do I start re-reading and editing the work I did the day before. With writing two books at the same time, like I am this month, this editing process not only helps me to pick up glaring mistakes, but also reminds me where I am at with the story, and how my characters are feeling. Then I write. Today I did almost 2.5K on Get off my Case.  Then I had a meal, watched the news, and then started editing and writing Getting Close to the Omega.  I did just over 2.5K on that in time to stop and watch an old favorite movie of mine.

So one more blog post, watch a few videos, another read and I will be in bed by about 3am again.  All in all, a perfect day for me.  It doesn’t happen this way very often, because I do have other people in my life, but today was good.

Oh, and for those of you who are interested in the numbers, Get off my Case is now at 61K and Get off my Case is at 63K. Given that Get off my Case started at 21K, that means, so far this month, I have managed to write 103,000 words since November 1st. I am definitely going to try and take December off – I will need the rest.

How’s your challenge going?

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