NaNoWriMo Day Five

Okay, it’s day five people and while I might admit to feeling just a bit tired, so far I am keeping up with both of my word counts.

Get off my Case is now at 31,815 (from 21,449)

Getting Close to the Omega is sitting at 14,411

So I’m pleased with both of them. BUT I read of so many authors who have more than one WIP going at the same time and I have to wonder how on earth they do it.  Last night I went to bed about 3am (typical for me) and I was thinking about my Cloverleah book.  But I woke up this morning remembering some weird dream about how the MCs from both books got together and sorted out the Cloverleah pack problem – basically by going in and shooting all the bad guys.  Totally weird, because we all know that wolf shifters don’t like guns, and equally weird because the books are from two different series.

So my question today is do you have any tips on how you can keep two WIPs going at the same time and still keep both stories and all of your characters on track?

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