NaNoWriMo starts in nine hours

Well for me at least.  Being in NZ means that I get to start these things first, and I can honestly say, I am not prepared.

Oh I did all the silly things associated with the challenge.  I bought the t-shirt.  I told all of my family I would be busier than normal for the next month.  I told them all I was writing every single day!!!  For the month.  Not that it is likely to be much help – they will still want grandchildren picked up, or advice on things, or they will just come around for coffee and stuff.  Which is so great.  I am blessed I have three healthy adult children who all live within five minutes of me.  But if it’s anything like last year, I won’t want to see anybody for a month, lol.

I do have a couple of other things – writing related.  I have a title.  The book I am writing this month is book 5 in the Cloverleah Pack series – Dean’s story.  So my title is “Getting Close to the Omega,” because of course, Dean is the Omega wolf of the pack.  I also know who his mate is, and how to introduce them and I know where I want the story to end up.  But, I don’t do plot lines.  I don’t write out huge synopsis about the book before I write it. I’m a ‘pantser’ in that  I sit down and write, and the book comes out.

This is all more than I had last year, when I wrote book 1 of the series, The Reluctant Wolf. I knew I wanted to write about a small wolf pack of gay shifters.  I knew I wanted them to be in a fictional township.  I love cars and bikes so it was easy to have the Alpha, Kane, own a place called Custom Rides.  But when I actually sat down to write on the 1st November all I had was a cup of tea, and so Kane walked into a diner.  The fact that I am now about to write book 5 in the same series a year later, blows me away.

I do feel I should be more prepared, especially as this time, just to up the ante, I have decided to try and write two different works this month.  You see some months ago I wrote a story, “Get off my Case,” for the MMRomance Goodreads group.  But like anything I write, I got really invested in the characters and the story – so instead of finishing it off, I left it at “To Be Continued,” with various plot lines unresolved.  The mating aspect of the shifters was done, but they still had to live life, work out how to be out as a gay person (for one MC) and solve a string of murders all in the one go.  I really want to get that finished as I have had a number of readers write to me and ask me when it will be done.

So this month I will be writing two stories at the same time, not the one.  I have never done that before.  I always focus on the one story I am writing, and see that through to the finish before I try something else.  In terms of word counts I am looking at 90K for Dean’s story and about 30K – 50K for the Goodreads story.  I am well aware of how much of a commitment that will be.

Perhaps, before the day is over I should do one more thing to prepare myself for this challenge.  Make a really big sign “NaNoWriMo Challenge in progress – Do Not Bother Me,” and post it on my office door.  Maybe then I can actually achieve what I am setting out to do, lol

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