NaNoWriMo – Still on track, just

Okay, I will admit it.  I did set myself a huge task for the NaNoWriMo challenge this year.  I have never written two books at the same time, because I prefer to focus on one set of characters at a time.  But the whole point of the NaNo challenge, is the word challenge, in my opinion and I had already written seven books since my first fiction book that I completed at last years challenge.  I am the first to admit that book, The Reluctant Wolf, changed my life for the better and I have never been happier than when I am immersed in my Cloverleah Pack world.

But some months ago I wrote a free read for the Love’s Landscapes project run by Goodreads MMRomance group.  Like always I got immersed in my characters to the point where I forced myself to stop at just over 21K words.  That story needs finishing and I wanted to write Book 5 of the Cloverleah Pack series as well.  So I am doing both. And I’m not doing too badly.  Get off my Case is now at 36K and Getting Close to the Omega is sitting at just over 20K.  I am averaging between 5,000 and 6,000 words a day between the two projects and so far, haven’t mucked up the characters or the storylines.

It is hard going though.  I’m on Day seven and I know I’ve still got twenty two days to go.  I will come out of it with two finished books, which will be amazing, but I am getting tired. It is really hard to be creative when your body feels like all it wants to do is sleep.  I am lucky in that writing is my full time job.  I have a husband and son who take care of the meals, a daughter that I pay to do my housecleaning and all I have to focus on is my stories and how I can get my MCs to fall in love. But I’m worried that my tiredness will come through in the energy of my book and I don’t want that to happen.

What do you do when you are getting too tired to write?  How do you refresh your creative urges?  I would love to hear your ideas.

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