Ranger’s End Game

Book 1 Northern States Pack


Aiden Chalmers doesn’t want much out of life. The inheritance from his grandmother would be nice. After all, he was supposed to get that on his twenty-fifth birthday and that was three months ago. But his father, Alpha Chalmers of the Northern States has insisted he won’t release the money until Aiden has completed a week long training camp. The youngest of six brothers and having suffered a hard upbringing, Aiden figures anything would be worth going through so he could be free of his father. It’s only for a week.

Ranger doesn’t like people and he especially doesn’t like his latest assignment – training a bunch of wannabe alphas for some goodness only knows reason. As the top assassin for the shifter council, he’s starting to think either someone wants him dead, or he’s being punished for a transgression he knows nothing about. But matters take an even stranger turn, when on the very first day of training, he scents his mate.

Things were never going to be easy for Aiden and Ranger. If the training camp wasn’t hard enough, a missing will, the full secret about Aiden’s inheritance and the little matter of Ranger being hired to kill his mate by a council member all add to their problems. If Ranger can keep his mate alive for the week, then maybe they will have a chance at a long and happy future. But it’s a big if.

This book is a complete story of 26,700 words. The epilogue does provide hints for the next book, but each of the stories in this series can be read as standalone.

Warning: M/M, true mate trope. Contains graphic intimate scenes and coarse language.


I’m going to kill him; I’ve had it up to my fucking ears with this shit. It seemed Brian, actually Aiden didn’t think it was Brian who started it, but someone decided to mention his little wolf display over Ranger. The comments about his necessity to be on his knees to complete the course had been coming thick and fast all afternoon. It seemed all wolves had the same idea when they looked at him. Aiden was well past flattered and on his way to pure fury.

He was in the ring with Gerald. His fourth fight since lunch. Aiden hated fighting for the sake of it, but of course, this was supposedly training so he had no choice but to jump in. Yeah, the guy was bigger and heavier, but he was slow and telegraphed every move. Aiden might not have beaten his six brothers; they preferred to come at him in pairs. But he could take any one of them singly in a fight. He ducked as a meaty fist came his way and spun around, kicking the man behind the knees.

“Another one down, your match again, Aiden,” Cam said cheerfully. “Get some water; Brian and Ruff, you’re up next.”

“You doing okay?” Cam said quietly as Aiden climbed out of the ring. “Those guys seem to be giving you a hard time. You’re winning. I’m impressed, but some of these dudes seem to be out for you personally.”

“No worse than at home,” Aiden said shortly brushing past the blond reason for Ranger not wanting him. And oh, think of the fucking devil, the man himself was standing by the ice chest. Aiden’s first instinct was to walk in the other direction, but every man was going through six fights that afternoon and he still had two to go. Dehydration was not going to help.

Neither was Ranger apparently. The man handed him a chilled bottle of water, a furrow deep above his eyes and his full mouth turned down. Aiden wanted to grab the bottle and walk away, but his feet wouldn’t move. His wolf was in a tizzy of excitement just being in sniffing range. That was typical of his wolf; too damn easy by half. The two men stood side by side in silence as they watched Ruff beat Brian into the mat.

“Next,” Cam called. Aiden wasn’t next, but he was up just afterward. Guessing his initial thoughts about Ranger not wanting him were spot on, he started moving towards the mat.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ranger asked roughly in a low tone.

Aiden turned, deliberately looking Ranger up and down. Damn his mate was fine. Pushing those thoughts aside he said in his own low voice. “I’m up after this fight. I’ve won four so far. Not bad for a bruised loser, huh?”

Ranger’s eyes widened. “But you’re…you’re you.” Aiden knew what his mate could see; slim build, pretty features. His blond curls didn’t help. Shirtless, the bruises he’d got from Dan and Al were still visible, and he’d accumulated a few more since then.

“Yes, I am,” he said curtly, “and apparently me isn’t good enough for you. Your loss.”

He turned and walked away in a hurry, the hurt fueling his anger. He’d never been good enough for his father; his brothers treated him like a joke. And now his mate – the one blessed for him by the Fates. Another freaking joke, he thought as he waited his turn.

Adult Excerpt

Ranger’s body was tightly controlled, his movements quick and efficient. A lube packet was dug out of Ranger’s pocket and Aiden pushed back the moment he felt fingers on his ass. There were muffled clunks as Ranger moved; weapons? Aiden wondered, but then they were drowned out by the sound of Ranger’s zipper being opened. That’s the best sound in the universe. He hummed, his body impatient and as Ranger turned him on his side, he went eagerly although he missed his mate’s weight.

“One leg up.” Ranger lifted Aiden’s top leg and pushed it away from him, exposing Aiden’s ass in a way that would have him blushing if it wasn’t for the hunger eating his soul. It was more than getting his rocks off, although his cock appreciated it when Ranger grabbed it like a handle and plunged into his body.

“Yes,” Aiden grasped. “Full.”

“That what you wanted, babe?” Ranger’s tongue and lips were teasing his neck, the top of his shoulders. Aiden tilted his neck giving his mate more access.

“Just move, please move.”

“I have to take this slow.” Ranger’s voice caressed his ear. “It feels like forever since we’ve done this.”

“I need to stop thinking.” Aiden bit his lip but the confession tumbled out anyway.

“I’ll stop you thinking.”

Ranger made good on his promise. His big body moved with grace and precision. His cock teased and tormented Aiden until he was a babbling mess. His hands scrabbled around on the covers, Ranger’s hands the only thing keeping him grounded. Everywhere his mate touched, Aiden’s body tingled. Ranger’s mouth scorched his skin as a trail of marks was left over his neck and shoulders and all the while, Ranger held him close. Intermittent endearments peppered Aiden’s ear. He wanted to respond but his brain wouldn’t work. All that came out of his mouth was gasps, moans and a plea for Ranger to never stop.

It was his cock that signaled the end, or rather his balls. Ranger’s hand kept up a steady rhythm, enough to keep Aiden on the edge without pushing him over. But a finger brushing over his balls with every downstroke was hardening his balls at an alarming rate. All too soon… yep, Aiden couldn’t fight it. He gave a long groan as his cock spurted, making sure his ass tightened around Ranger.

“Oh damn, your smell.” Ranger folded over Aiden’s side, his body gently shuddering as he reached his climax. Through the haze of afterglow, Aiden became aware of Ranger’s buttons digging into his side. He slid his legs back against his mate. “You still have your boots on,” he said with a chuckle.

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