NOW AVAILABLE! Tell Me the Truth by Lisa Oliver!


Title:  Tell Me the Truth

Book 5

Stockton Wolves Series

Author: Lisa Oliver



Special Agent Niclas Draig was on a mission…well, he was supposed to be. But when sent to Stockton with his partner Jack, to investigate what looked like the work of a serial killer, he walked into the Captain’s office and found himself looking at his mate. A mate, who’s delicious scent was tinged with deceit as the man looked him in the eye and lied to his face.

Captain Anthony Reynolds was getting tired of the way paranormals played fast and loose with the law and his life. Eighteen months from retirement, the last thing he expected when the FBI came in was to have such a physical reaction to one of the agents. When the same agent blasts him two weeks later for lying, Tony knew his life was going to change. He’d been around paranormals enough to know exactly what the word mate meant. But that didn’t mean he had to accept it.

An unguarded moment, a flash of teeth and both men’s lives change. Their mating causes problems from every angle and…an unexpected bonus. An abduction, a bomb and Nico’s interfering family – will Nico and Tony ever get their HEA?


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Tony hesitated as he got out of his car. The sight of Special Agent Schubert running down the driveway like the hounds of hell were after him was bad enough. The roaring coming from inside the house was another thing entirely. It was an unearthly sound – pure rage and frustration, loud enough to send a shiver down his spine. No wonder Jack was running; Tony was inclined to follow suit.

A mate will never hurt you. Melissa, Grant, Shane, Dimitri, they all said the same thing. Even Alexi lived by the same code, and he couldn’t run on four legs. At least, Tony didn’t think he could but then what he knew about vampires wouldn’t cover a pinhead. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Fuck this. I’m a damn police captain and I’ve dealt with paranormals before. Determined to show no fear, Tony strode towards the open door.

“Hello?” He called out sharply, not seeing anyone in the opulent hallway. Either his mate had deep pockets or was squatting in a high-end vacant house. The roaring seemed to come from the living room and squaring his shoulders, Tony stepped inside, his shoes loud on the marble floor. Peering around the closest door, he was faced with another huge room. But it wasn’t the plush velvet curtains, another chandelier or even the plastic on the furniture that caught Tony’s attention. It was Nico, shirtless, his neck muscles straining as he cursed the ceiling in a guttural language Tony didn’t understand.

Every muscle on Nico’s torso was deeply defined; his face red, his black curls glistening with sweat as they kissed the top of broad shoulders. This was a man deeply tormented; a beautiful man fighting a shift into something decidedly not human. Jet black scales covered Nico’s arms and chest, receding one minute and reappearing the next. Tony had never known his other shifter friends to have so much trouble with their animal half; with the exception of Sin and he’d only heard about that second hand. But this, watching Nico…The man needs help.

“Special Agent Draig!” Tony stepped into the room, his heart threatening to break his ribcage. “Nico, calm down; deep breaths.” Huh, who am I kidding? I’m the one who can’t breathe. An indescribable power surged around the room; something that crackled the air and sucked the life right out of it. Despite his fears, Tony moved forward. Never let it be said the mating pull didn’t work both ways; Tony could feel his own inner battle raging – get the fuck out of the room or help the man some power decided he should be bound to for life.

“Nico.” Tony touched Nico’s back, his fingertips burning. “Tell me what’s wrong. Maybe I can help.”


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11 responses to NOW AVAILABLE! Tell Me the Truth by Lisa Oliver!

  1. Lorraine Lesar

    Wow. Haven’t even started reading this Series yet, looks like I’ve got some serious reading on my hands to catch up. x

  2. Lesa

    Loved it, so loved it. After everyone of your books I am, “That was my favorite” so until next time, this is so my favorite!

  3. Abeckly

    Wonderful end to the series. I have so enjoyed reading the Stockton Wolves books. Sorry to see the end, but you did tie off all the loose ends. It was great to see how supportive all the pack/coven and Family were.
    Maybe we could have a short story sometime to let us know how all the characters are doing.

    • Lisao79

      I have definitely been thinking about it – maybe a Christmas special 🙂 Have a lovely weekend and thank you 🙂

  4. kate

    hey… in the buy links there is only amazon.. there will be other link sites???like kobo?? thankssssssssss!!! <3 😉

    • Lisao79

      Hi Kate, there will be – I am uploading it to Smashwords today and they distribute it to places like Kobo for me 🙂 Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  5. JC Kelly

    Oh tytytytytytytytyty…I’ve been down with pneumonia since 3/24.Have been getting better this last week ( I can breathe & talk again). I have been re-reading all your books and right now I’m on book two of this series. I love all your books & the characters, they can make me laugh out loud no matter where I am. Nope, I did not read the blob(?) or the teaser for this one. I am just going to enjoy.

    Have a blessed holiday & have some fun.

    • Lisao79

      So sorry to her you’ve been unwell – I hope you had a wonderful holiday, even if it was keeping your feet up and reading books (personally my favorite way to spend a day). Huge hugs and thank you 🙂

  6. Rachel Murray

    Have just read this, loving your writing style, have seen a few references to this being the last in the Stockton series, have I missed Kalel’s story or does he not have one yet, he came across so strongly in this book.

    • Lisao79

      Hi Rachel, thank you so much for your message – Tell Me The Truth is the last full book in the Stockton Wolves series and as Kalel met his mate in the first book (Peter) I did my best to include him in the subsequent books so the readers could see how much he’d grown from the shy little cat in the first book, to the man who’s not afraid to shift and steal a hat in the 4th one, or take on a dragon in the 5th. Have a lovely day 🙂