On The Brink – Excerpt

Only two more days before release day and while I am busy working on the finishing touches of “Ranger and Sebastian”, which will now be the first book under my pen name Lee Oliver, I couldn’t resist sharing this special scene from my men at Cloverleah when they meet Nereus’s dad, Poseidon. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


“Damn it, Dad. What do you want?”

“You took my water for this…this paddling pool.”

“You have plenty of water,” Nereus sighed. It was a common enough argument. He wouldn’t have been given rights to call the waters if he didn’t have some sovereign over them. Unfortunately, his Dad seemed to forget that. “This little pool isn’t going to make any difference to the seas.”

“You didn’t ask me.”

“I didn’t have to.” Nereus relinquished his tail and stood defiantly in front of his father; remembering to include pants in his shift.

“Hades, you did.” Poseidon put both hands on his hips.

“Hades, I didn’t.” Nereus echoed his pose.

“I humored this silly mating nonsense…”

“It is not silly; the Fates chose my mates for me.”

Well, you’ve cocked that up. One of them uncomfortable around you, and one of them still unclaimed.” The pools waves rose and lapped over the edges of the pool.

“Look who’s talking. The man whose definition of relationship is I’ve come, close the door on your way out.”

“I do not do relationships and you know that. Mermen don’t have mates. I put the blame on your other father for this.”

“You leave Abraxas out of this.”

The earth started to tremble. Their angry voices melding with the roar of the earth and the crashing of the waves.

“Nereus!  Nereus!”

He turned at the sound of Kane’s voice to see his mates and the entire pack standing on the shoreline. Luke had a trembling Ollie in his arms. Nereus felt sick and spread his arms. The waves subsided and the trembling stopped.

A thought and he was standing on the shore line. Of course, his father had to be right next to him; a sexy smirk on the beautiful face. “I’m sorry. I… We… I would like you all to meet my father.”

He heard Diablo whisper to Griff, “Hell, I feel like the ugly duckling stepbrother.”

Without thinking, Griff answered, “Yeah, he’s looks amazing”. His comment was rewarded with Diablo pushing him into the pool.

Kane and Shawn were talking urgently, and when Shawn shook his head, saying “I can’t do shit. He’s a force of nature,” Nereus knew the only one capable of stopping his father wreaking havoc was him. Unfortunately, his father had a one-tracked mind.

“Hello, pretty wolves.” Poseidon leered.

End Excerpt – have a lovely day 🙂

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41 responses to On The Brink – Excerpt

  1. Tami P

    Any update on the new book? I have been watching Amazon….still no On the Brink

    • Lisao79

      apparently it is up now, Tami, I got the email from Amazon a few hours ago. Some readers are having trouble downloading it and apparently if that happens you need to clear you cookies. Then the buy/download should go fine 🙂 Thank you.

  2. KarenJ

    I just finished rereading ‘Undesirable Mate’ and am so looking forward to Sebastian’s story under your new pen name! I didn’t get the connection when you first mentioned the book, but now that my memory has been refreshed I can’t wait! Hopefully Cain and Prizm will get their story also in your new series. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

    • Lisao79

      Oh dear lol – firstly thank you, I am so glad you liked it. But yes, it seems I have too many Sebastians. The short book coming out under Lee Oliver is now called Ranger and Aiden, because I have a Sebastian in the Washington Pack to get mated off (the one you are waiting for) and a new Sebastian in the spin off Cloverleah pack who will eventually be mated to Madison. It is not that Sebastian sorry, hence the sudden name change lol. That book will be out in the next few months though. I promise. Thank you for reading 🙂

      • KarenJ

        You are such a tease Lisa! But thank you for clarifying. I am assuming we haven’t met either Ranger or Aiden in any of your previous books? Will they even be shifters? I guess I was just assuming that since you write paranormal under the pen name Lisa Oliver that you would as well with your other pen name. Not good to assume, I know.

  3. Joanna scott

    Loveeeee the book just finish on the the brink I have to slow when reading your book from now on it took me two days I need to stopppp 🤔Thank you so much for writing can’t wait for the next bye