One Wrong Step

A Standalone Demon and Warlock Story









Friendless and forced to hide his magical powers, Robert is tired of being alone. After years of research, he believes he has finally worked out how to get the spirit of his friend Jack back from Purgatory. All he has to do is summon a demon. It’s All Hallows’ Eve – what could possibly go wrong?

When the demon Syron appears, things are not as they seem. For one thing, the attraction Robert feels is unusual and not entirely welcome. But that’s not the only thing he has to contend with. It seems Jack didn’t take his own life as he’d been told and when a visit to Syron’s home in hell turns ugly, Robert is forced to face the truths about his life, his family and most of all his attraction to Syron.

This is a standalone MM Halloween short story written by Lisa Oliver, under the name pen name Lee Oliver. Normal warnings for adult stories apply. HEA. True Mates. Demon and Warlock.


Muttering complex Latin phrases, Robert’s hair lifted from the back of his neck as the power within the pentagram increased. Bring me Jack. He was taken too soon. I demand his return.

“Who are you to demand anything?” A voice as soft as aged wine had Robert’s eyes flying open. He hadn’t even realized he’d closed them. Standing far too close for comfort was a demon. It couldn’t be anything else. As his eyes took in bronzed skin, basketball sized biceps and a dark treasure trail leading to a growing bulge under a leather loincloth, Robert’s body stirred.

“You can call me Robert if you must. What are you doing in my sacred space?” Robert wasn’t about to give his full name. Names had power and his family name, passed from his mother, had more than most. “You’re supposed to be out there.” He waved to the clearing framed by trees.

“Gods save me from summoning virgins,” the demon sighed, seemingly unimpressed. “This,” he waved at the pentagram, “is meant to keep me in. You’re supposed to be outside of it. Nicely drawn, by the way. You should see some of the ridiculous excuses for a pentagram some idiots try to hold me with.”

That’s easily fixed. Robert hoped his cheeks weren’t as red as they felt as he shuffled to the edge of the pentagram. The magic would let him pass, stemming as it did from his own blood.

“Tut. Tut. Tut.” The demon shook his head. “If you step outside the circle then you release me, too. Is that what you intended?”

Shit. Having never met a real demon before, all Robert’s knowledge of them came from his books. And the one thing he did know was when demons were released on earth they caused havoc. “I appreciate your helpfulness.” When in doubt, be polite. At least that’s what his mother always told him. “I take it you are Balthazar, the keeper of the gate to Purgatory?”

“That’s who you called for, wasn’t it? It’s not as though there’s a bunch of us down in hell, sitting around playing cards waiting for someone to ring our bell.”

Actually, Robert thought that’s probably what demons did do and he noticed the stunning beast in front of him didn’t actually answer his question. “I need to speak to Balthazar. He’s holding the soul of my dearest friend, Jack. I want that soul returned to me.”

“Demons don’t hold souls. We simply ensure they stay where they are meant to be. If your friend is in Purgatory then that’s where he’s supposed to be.”

“No, no, you don’t understand.” Robert edged as far away from the demon as possible without stepping outside his chalk lines. “Jack doesn’t belong there. He made a mistake. You have to let me have him back.”

Adult Excerpt

Usually confident in his wealth of experience, Syron fumbled as he lifted one of Robert’s legs, exposing the tiny hole peeking from under his mate’s balls. There was a silvery substance coating the external muscles and while Syron wanted to trust Robert’s magic, he risked causing his mate too much pain if the spell didn’t work. Licking a finger on his free hand, he cautiously probed around the tight spot, raising his eyebrows as his finger slid in effortlessly.

“I’ll be damned.” Syron shook his head.

“You will be if you don’t get a move on.”

Syron recognized the hint of panic in Robert’s tone for what it was. Robert was scared of losing him and that knowledge sparked a warmth in Syron far hotter than the fire in his veins. Sliding his finger free, he lined up the head of his cock with Robert’s hole, coating it with his own precome. Robert tensed, which Syron expected and he left his cock where it was, applying the lightest of pressure. As much as every cell in his body urged him to plunge in and rut as if Hades himself was after him, Syron forced himself to wait.

All at once, Robert’s body relaxed and Syron’s mushroomed cock head was caught in a strangle hold by Robert’s tight muscles. “Breathe and push out,” he said, his jaw tight. As Robert’s chest deflated, the pressure on Syron’s shaft eased slightly and he slid further inside.

“Are you sure that’s your cock? It feels like a giant cucumber.” Robert lifted his head, trying to see where they were joined.

“We’ll play with toys another time, my sweet.” Syron rocked his hips gently as he watched Robert’s hole split wide as it took his cock. Robert flung his head back, moaning as he grasped at the sheets. “Keep breathing.”

“I am.” Robert was panting hard, his face red and sweaty.

“Just a little bit more.”

“More? Fuck. Gods. I’m not sure….”

“You can and you did,” Syron sighed as his balls kissed the underside of Robert’s butt. Dropping Robert’s leg, Syron leaned over his mate, savoring the heat and perfect tension covering every inch of his cock. “You were made for me,” he crooned softly.

“Yeah, well, you’d think they’d have made my hole just a wee bit bigger,” Robert grumbled.

Giving into a romantic side Syron didn’t know he had, he leaned forward, catching Robert’s mouth with his, while he cupped Robert’s limp dick with his hand. Lightning seemed to flash between them as Robert’s cock hardened under his caresses and their kisses grew heated. Syron’s rocking motions intensified and he pulled his mouth away from Robert’s lips as it got more difficult to breathe.

“More,” Robert begged as his body strained upwards. Syron didn’t want to smother the guy, but he was going to need more leverage. Pulling out, he ignored Robert’s protest, flipping the man onto his stomach. Getting his knees under him, Robert stuck his ass in the air and Syron sank into it, both men groaning as he gave into his body’s demands.

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