The Power Of The Bite

Currently a standalone, but could develop into the Portrain Pack and Coven Series.

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Standalone Wolf Shifter/Vampire Novel

Dax Portrain has it all – he’s the next Alpha of the only pack in town, he owns a successful night club and he has men falling all over him every night of the week. So when he catches sight of a new vampire in town, he tries to shrug off the instant attraction he feels. After all, everyone knows that wolf shifters and vampires do not get along.

Zane Macintosh has lived a long and full life, and while he might have issues trying to pass himself off as human at the Portrain police department, he knows it’s only temporary and shrugs off the problems. A night out with friends turns his whole life upside down when he catches sight of Dax with his pack. The gorgeous hunk is his mate, but that doesn’t mean that anything has to come of it. In fact, he’s determined nothing will.

One explosive meeting sends both men’s lives into a spiral. Zane knows the only way things can end well for his mate is to allow himself to die. But Dax has a stubborn streak a mile wide and isn’t going to let Zane go that easily.

Warning: This is an M/M book and contains graphic scenes of sexual practices between two men. Some violence, no cliffhangers, a definite HEA, and love, of course, because I couldn’t write any of my books without it.


Zane groaned. There was an incessant pounding in his head, and for a moment he thought maybe he had drunk more than he intended. But as he shook his head, struggling to wake up, he realized, no, it was his front door that was shaking under somebody’s blows. A really big somebody who was going to knock the door off its hinges in another few minutes. Fuck it all. Why couldn’t his well-meaning friends just leave him alone for five minutes?

“Broz? If that’s you, fuck off you bastard. I’m trying to sleep here.” Zane pushed himself up off the couch as he yelled. If it was Broz, and honestly who else could it be at bumfuck o’clock, the bastard wasn’t about to let him get any rest until Zane opened the door. The man could be pushy like that.

Flicking the lock, Zane opened the door just as the person on the other side pushed on it, almost falling in the room. Fuck. Double Fuck. Just…Fuck!

“Dax. What the hell are you doing here?” Instinct had Zane sticking his head out the door, making sure no one had noticed his mate’s arrival. The streets were clear except for some big assed SUV parked right outside his house. Had to be Dax’s – freaking show off. Grabbing Dax’s arm, Zane pulled him inside, shutting the door firmly and flicking on the light.

Dax was shaking, his huge muscles tense, his jaw tightly clenched and his hands were huge ham fists at his side. Whatever was bothering his mate had him in a rage like nothing Zane had ever seen before. He lowered his voice, even though he wasn’t feeling a box of fluffy ducks himself.

“Dax,” he said quietly. “We had an agreement. I saw you three days ago. What the fuck are you doing here in my space?”

“Who the hell is Broz, and how come he’s the first one you think off when you open your fucking door?” Dax could barely get his words out he was so incensed and for some reason Zane had a huge urge to laugh. His little puppy was being all possessive. How cute. Not.

“Broz is my best friend, another vampire, someone I served in the military with and someone who is likely to take your head off your shoulders if he finds you here. Now what the fuck is going on?”

The fight drained out of Dax as quickly as it appeared. Without it, the wolf shifter looked like he always did – a huge, studly model of male perfection, especially in his tight suit pants and a white shirt that barely resisted tearing, stretched as it was across drool worthy muscles. Damn his mate was fine. The long hair – yeah Zane could admit it suited his mate’s looks although it wasn’t something he got off on.  But that handsome face with the square jaw, fine nose and those brilliant green eyes surrounded by tanned skin so unlike his own. Dax was carved by the Fates in his eyes and while Zane wanted nothing more than to…Gods, his mind burst with possibilities, Dax was in danger every minute that they spent together and that just wasn’t acceptable.

“Dax, sit down if you must but speak quickly okay, because you know damn well you shouldn’t be here. If your pack catches wind of it, you’ll be in danger.”

Adult Excerpt

Their coming together was becoming an addictive habit.  This time it was in the bathroom of Dax’s club.  There was that split second where Zane’s entire senses were overwhelmed with the smell of heaven and the blood he craved, before strong arms crunched around his chest and a solid, cloth covered cock was rammed up against his ass as firmly as his chest and torso was forced up against the nearest wall.  Big teeth grazed his neck and a thick hot tongue ran up Zane’s long neck as though the wolf couldn’t get enough of Zane’s taste. Pleasurable definitely, but every time this happened Zane primed himself to say no, to fight his way out of the clumsy, frantic embrace. Yes, he was as desperate for the sex as Dax was, but in his heart he knew it didn’t mean anything to his wolf. And what Zane wanted more than anything in life was for their connection to mean something. So he readied himself to say no – to refuse the blatant need in Dax’s approach. He’d rehearsed what he’d say in front of his mirror a million times. But like every time before, it was Dax’s words that stole his resolve. Garbled by want, desperately growled, Dax’s need was evident in every breath he took.

“Need.  Fucking need in you.  Please Zane, fucking please.”

And just like every other time, Zane gave in. How could he not?  How could he refuse when the evidence of the man’s ardor was pressing against his pants even as he tried to get his zip undone and those same pants down past his knees?  Even the thought of what would be a painful coupling wasn’t enough to force the word “No” from his lips. He knew that Dax would force his cock, which was as wide as a beer can and definitely longer, deep inside of him with precious little preparation. And yet he frantically shoved his own pants aside letting the wolf shifter have his way.

Zane was always stunned by the way Dax possessed his body  after that initial surge, where Zane bit hard on his own lips to stop the scream as he felt himself being split in two. But after, when the pain had morphed into pleasure, when Dax settled into his pounding rhythm, seemingly calmed by their connection, by Zane’s scent and the feel of his body, then the man was a sex machine. A machine that moaned and growled, and groped and petted everywhere the demented wolf could reach. Harsh words of possession, need, want and desire. The words that Zane longed to hear, wished he could return. Words that would be forgotten by the wolf as soon as he climaxed.

But in that moment, as Dax pounded his ass, Zane reveled in being wanted. In providing for this man’s need. He gladly gave up his ass and thought nothing of his own pleasure.  All he could think, in those frenzied moments, was that Dax was doing his level best to get right under his skin. To actually get so close it was impossible for them to be separated. Zane, desperate for the same connection, submitted perfectly as he knew the wolf shifter needed. Hands hot and fevered ran over his body. Strong fingers tweaked his nipples, running down his abs and sides, gripping onto his hips so sharply there would be bruises in the morning. Zane took it all, forcing himself to be silent, knowing that if they were caught, it would mean nothing but trouble for the pair of them.

Dax was close to his climax. Zane could feel the tension in the man’s body, could tell when Dax’s punishing rhythm became erratic and uncontrolled. Seconds later Zane felt a sharp set of teeth in his neck and he arched his back and bit his lip as his own orgasm raced through his untouched cock. Zane was allowed just two seconds more of solid body on body connection before he felt Dax pull out and strong hands turning him from the wall, shoving him to his knees.

Dax quickly pushed his pants down his thighs, his cock still semi-hard and glistening with the remnants of his own come.  Cupping Zane’s head, Dax pulled the man’s face to his groin.  “Feed, blood sucker. I have what you need.” Suppressing a groan, Zane quickly sought out Dax’s femoral artery.  His fangs descended and he bit quickly, careful not to bring Dax any pain or discomfort.  Muffling his groan at the wolf shifter’s amazing taste, Zane controlled himself with an iron will, to take just a few mouthfuls before pulling back from Dax’s hold and licking the bite area closed.

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