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I thought some of my readers might like to see just some of the sexy men who inspire my characters.  In the interests of full disclosure I admit these pictures are not mine and if any owner objects to their use then I will happily take the offending picture down. But these are just some of the men that inspire me to write, so I have kept them close.

The Cloverleah Pack

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The Bound and Bonded Series

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Stockton Wolves Series

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Alpha and Omega Series

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Shifter’s Uprising

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Balance Series – Angels and Demons

29 responses to Picture Gallery

  1. Caligirl62

    What happened with the rest of the guys’ pictures?

    • Lisao79

      Hi Caligirl, as I mentioned in my blog post some of the pages aren’t live yet, with links so when you click on the covers you are just taken to the jpeg page as opposed to the blurb page for the books. As soon as the books become live on Amazon, the pages will here as well.

      Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Lisao79

      Thanks for the reminder 🙂 I will get to it, but boy you should see my to-do list lol

  2. Caligirl62

    and none of my comments are showing up. I also get this when i click on the link to subscribe…

    SSL connection error


  3. Caligirl62

    oops my bad!! enjoy the rest of your weekend

  4. Caligirl62

    i am sorry to bother you again..in Amazon it shows two book three’s…Never Go Back…is book 3.5…

    • Lisao79

      Yes I know sweetie – not sure what Amazon is doing – will check it out later today and see if it can be changed 🙂 Thank you and have a great day 🙂

  5. Caligirl

    who is the guy in the very top pix in here? the one who is relaxed and is showing only his chest with a tattoo along his upper chest?

  6. Caligirl

    when will you have pix of Ace and Devin, Kyle and Teric, etc…

  7. Caligirl

    Hello Ms. Lisa!!

    Any ideas on the guys and pix yet?

    • Lisao79

      Hi Caligirl, the book on the two dark haired ones is getting close to finished – hopefully by the end of next week. Then I want to write Josh’s story although those two blonds are hammering away in my brain as well, so it looks like I will be writing two books at once lol.

  8. Caligirl

    cool!! but don’t overdue it hon!!

  9. Caligirl

    as long as they do not overwhelm you!! so no pix yet then? wink wink

    • Lisao79

      Soon Caligirl, gosh I need an assistant, I have my blog to update and all sorts, but my story keeps calling to me to get it done, and that has to come first 🙂

  10. Caligirl

    AW HON HUGE HUGS!! You get the books written…every thing else will fall into place.

  11. Cali (gir)

    OMGOSH!! THIS IS ACCESSIBLE !! WOO WOO!! Any more pix of your AWESOME HAWT characters?!

  12. Cali (girl)

    WOO WOO!! cannot wait for the hotties you got coming!!

  13. Cali

    OMGOSH!! FINALLY!! We got some more pix!!

  14. Erith

    Liking the pics!

    The Botis image is a better one than used for Carlin.

  15. Cali

    Holy crickey!! When did you post these gorgeous hunka hunka burnin loves!?!?

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