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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day, for those of you who celebrate, and even if you don’t, I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Today it’s light and simple. Those of you who read the Epilogue in Angel in Black Leather pants (The Cloverleah Pack #9) will remember Killer, the apricot toy poodle. So today I thought I’d introduce you to the (regular) puppies which Raff rescued and who became his pack of sorts. Because…well, it’s puppies and who doesn’t love puppies 🙂

Introducing Killer








And this is Joey








This one is Buddy






And this one is Butch. Butch and Buddy are mates and Butch is actually the Beta of this little sub pack. I know, you’d probably think Buddy would look more like the Beta, but Killer tells me that’s the way it is.  I found it doesn’t pay to argue with Killer because he might look cute, but he’s Alpha and he doesn’t have any problems letting the men in Cloverleah know that.






Here’s a short excerpt featuring Killer and Damien. From On The Brink, coming January 10th. Have a great day.

Excerpt (unedited at this stage)

Scott woke at the soft whine. He leaned over the side of the bed. Killer whimpered. Scott reached down lifted the poodle into the bed. Killer cuddled against him then curled up as he settled into the bed. Scott’s eyes slowly closed.
Damien stirred and pushed closer to his mate. His hand slowly stroked down Scott’s side as he snuggled against him. Scott gave a soft murmur. He kissed his mate’s neck as his cock hardened. He let his hands keep moving, searching for Scott’s dick. His mate’s fur… Fur? Damien’s eyes flew open. Scott wasn’t furry.

Killer was enjoying a nice dream when the hand groped his ass. His eyes flew open in shock. He knew who it was. That Alpha wannabe. It wasn’t enough the pervert had a wonderful little beta for a mate, now he was groping Killer’s ass. The pup proceeded to do what any self-respecting Alpha would do when he was being groped by anyone. He sank his very sharp tiny teeth into the offending hand.

“Shit!” Damien jerked back, rolling off the edge of the bed and hitting the floor hard.

Scott rolled over. “What? What happened? Haven’t we had enough crap to deal with tonight.”

“That little bastard bit me.”

Killer peered over Scott and growled.

“What did you do to him?”

“Why does it have to be my fault?”

“You did something to him.”

“I thought he was you.”


“Fine! And I groped him.”

“And you didn’t expect to get bitten?”

“I didn’t expect him to be there in the first place.”

“You groped him.”

“It was his fault for being there.” Damien glared at Killer who he swore was smirking at him from Scott’s side. “I am going to kill that little…”

“He’s a freakin’ teacup poodle. He isn’t even a foot tall. Are you honestly going to fight a Teacup Poodle who bit you because you groped his ass?”

“I thought it was your ass.”

“On my front?”

“No. I mean I thought it was your dick.”

“My dick isn’t furry. My dick isn’t furry even when I’m furry.”

“Damn it, Scott…”

“Get back in bed. And leave Killer alone. He’s not your type.”

Damien crawled back into bed. “Scott…”

“No, I am not throwing him out. Raff and Nereus need some alone time. They’ve just met and they’re mates. I need some freaking sleep because I’ve got to call the contractors back in the morning and boy, will that be an interesting conversation. You can put up with Killer being here for one measly night and if you don’t shut up I’ll grab the other puppies too and you can sleep on the couch.”

Damien grumbled while Scott settled back asleep. He would swear that damn dog was watching him; and smirking. The little shit. He was going to have to sleep with one eye open.

End excerpt

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  1. Caligirl

    LMFAO!!! But they ARE adorable!!!

  2. Judy Stone

    Ouch! Killer is a little troublemaker. What a stinker. He and his pack will make things interesting for the San Antonio pack.

  3. KarenJ

    Thank you for that wonderful excerpt Lisa. I really needed that today after the chaos yesterday with ARe. Also with all the famous people dropping like flies this week. I thought it would be a good idea just to go back to bed until 2016 is over. Now at least I have something in January to look forward to with your next book. You really don’t know how much you brightened my day with that excerpt. 😆😆😆

  4. Mary Anne

    I bought this entire series from ARE. I have spent most of the day finding my favorite authors and alternative places to buy their books. This excerpt just made my lousy day bright again! Thank you so much and I found you on Kindle.

  5. Deb

    Lisa, I totally agree with KarenJ, what a year 2016 has been but this was a welcome reward. Damien is one of my favorites, I thought he met his match with Scott but Killer will be testing him for sure. Enjoyed it, thanks for the continued smiles you bring to us.

  6. Caligirl

    Are Killer and his pack going to go to Cloverleah with Raff and Nereus?

  7. oh so exciting I cant wait for this book to come out. Lisa you really know how to keep us interested. Thank you

  8. Thomas Fox

    OMG Can’t wait for the full story. Have needed that great laugh. Poor Damien. LOL