Quick excerpt – Scenes From Cloverleah #1

Getting excited now; Scenes from Cloverleah, my selection of four short stories featuring my favorite pack of men, is due for release in about twelve hours.  In my efforts to do more with my blog, I thought I’d share one of my favorite scenes from Luke, Kurt and Tobias’s story. Kurt had a bit of a problem visiting Damien’s pack lol.


Kurt’s bear wanted out and it wasn’t because of the tempting forest areas he could see through the dining room window. His skin itched, his jaw ached, and the only thing stopping him growling was Tobias’s hand on his knee.

Tobias. Sexy sweet Tobias.

None of this was his fault; not the knowing leers from the enforcers, or the overzealous welcome his wolf got from what Kurt could only describe as enforcer groupies: little twinks running around in tight pants, all fluttery eyelashes and “yes sir”, “no sir.”

He tried to concentrate on his food and he was doing okay at keeping his anger under wraps; until some perky dark-haired lad who looked no more than twenty, with no brain cells to rub together, leaned over Tobias’s shoulder, ostensibly to put a plate on the table. His groin was alongside Tobias’s face and the stench of arousal overpowered the aroma of roast meats. Kurt let out a long breath, but the guy didn’t move. In fact, he didn’t show any signs of leaving, not that Tobias was giving him any attention. But the hand on Kurt’s knee tightened and when the little shit whispered in Tobias’s ear, Kurt growled loud enough to stop everyone’s conversation.

“Get away from my mate.” No point in subtlety now; all eyes were on him.

“I haven’t seen Tobias in ages. I’m just saying hello.”

“With your balls in his face? Move away.”

“Kurt,” Tobias said, but Damien was louder.

“Tobias has a lot of friends in this pack,” Damien said firmly. “Wolves are naturally affectionate with each other.”

“You call this affectionate?” Kurt growled as he shot to his feet. The little twink was smirking and hadn’t moved. “I may not come from a pack, but everyone I know respects a mating bond.”

“You’re a bear,” the twink said, “You couldn’t possibly understand.”

“Why you….”

“No!” Tobias yelled and Kurt snapped his mouth shut. Tobias put his napkin on the table, pushed the twink out of the way, and stood. “Alpha Damien, my mate is right. If he’s to be punished for that, then so am I.” His fist cracked out, and the twink hit the floor, unconscious. “No one has the right to touch me except my mates,” Tobias said firmly, “and you of all people should’ve supported that.”

“Tobias,” Kane warned although he and Shawn still looked relaxed enough.

“Tobias is right,” Scott said, the look on his face suggesting it was Damien who needed to shut up. “I’m not disrespecting your authority, babe, but mates are mates no matter what flavor they come in. Kurt and Luke’s claim on Tobias is just as important as yours on me. Ryan’s been cruising for a bruising since my family arrived, and this little stunt is the final straw in my opinion.”

“What do you suggest I do to him, babe? Shall I send him back to the club?” Kurt couldn’t believe it; the big strong Alpha became marshmallow in his mate’s hands.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, then you can find it here.  It should be available on All Romance Ebooks on the 8th, and through other outlets later in the week.

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  1. lynne lowe

    Oooh goody goody, only 2 extra days to wait for All romance release instead of near two weeks! Excited, looking forward to 4 stories all at once, though I do prefare the longer stories these will fill us in on threads we are missing and bring us up to speed.

  2. Cali

    HOLY CAMOLE!! I can not wait for this!! I want to read Ryan being put in his place!! DIPSHIT!!

  3. Cali

    AND I hope Damien’s Pack is a forthcoming series!!!

  4. Erith

    Read it 01:00 and I really enjoyed it as I do your other books.

    Thanks, Lisa!

  5. Susan Rawlings

    Got mine excited hope I get chance to read it today