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A couple of people have wondered about the new pen name, Lee Oliver.  As many of you know, most of my books are long with complex story lines as well as the hot romances I dream of every day. Lee Oliver books are no different – they are just shorter and the plots are contained within one book instead of a series. For me they are fun to write and I hope you enjoy them too.

Here’s a wee excerpt from Ranger’s End Game, now available on Amazon for preorder

He was in the ring with Gerald. His fourth fight since lunch. Aiden hated fighting for the sake of it, but of course, this was supposedly training so he had no choice but to jump in. Yeah, the guy was bigger and heavier, but he was slow and telegraphed every move. Aiden might not have beaten his six brothers; they preferred to come at him in pairs. But he could take any one of them singly in a fight. He ducked as a meaty fist came his way and spun around, kicking the man behind the knees.

“Another one down, your match again, Aiden,” Cam said cheerfully. “Get some water; Brian and Ruff, you’re up next.”

“You doing okay?” Cam said quietly as Aiden climbed out of the ring. “Those guys seem to be giving you a hard time. You’re winning. I’m impressed, but some of these dudes seem to be out for you personally.”

“No worse than at home,” Aiden said shortly brushing past the blond reason for Ranger not wanting him. And oh, think of the fucking devil, the man himself was standing by the ice chest. Aiden’s first instinct was to walk in the other direction, but every man was going through six fights that afternoon and he still had two to go. Dehydration was not going to help.

Neither was Ranger apparently. The man handed him a chilled bottle of water, a furrow deep above his eyes and his full mouth turned down. Aiden wanted to grab the bottle and walk away, but his feet wouldn’t move. His wolf was in a tizzy of excitement just being in sniffing range. That was typical of his wolf; too damn easy by half. The two men stood side by side in silence as they watched Ruff beat Brian into the mat.

“Next,” Cam called. Aiden wasn’t next, but he was up just afterward. Guessing his initial thoughts about Ranger not wanting him were spot on, he started moving towards the mat.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ranger asked roughly in a low tone.

Aiden turned, deliberately looking Ranger up and down. Damn his mate was fine. Pushing those thoughts aside he said in his own low voice. “I’m up after this fight. I’ve won four so far. Not bad for a bruised loser, huh?”

Ranger’s eyes widened. “But you’re…you’re you.” Aiden knew what his mate could see; slim build, pretty features. His blond curls didn’t help. Shirtless, the bruises he’d got from Dan and Al were still visible, and he’d accumulated a few more since then.

“Yes, I am,” he said curtly, “and apparently me isn’t good enough for you. Your loss.”

He turned and walked away in a hurry, the hurt fueling his anger. He’d never been good enough for his father; his brothers treated him like a joke. And now his mate – the one blessed for him by the Fates. Another freaking joke, he thought as he waited his turn.

End Excerpt – enjoy your day 🙂

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  1. Kerry

    Can not wait for this sound like another great book

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    Caught my INTEREST!! ;-D

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    Woohoo!! Can’t wait for the full book, already pre-ordered mine 😀

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    Stupid mate!! LOL Why haven’t they gotten with the program yet?! LOL CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ONE!!

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    Ooohhhhhhhh looks sooooooooooo good!!!