Reading Rollercoaster

Okay, I know I said this blog was mainly about paranormal MM romances, but in the last two days I have read two really powerful books – I suppose you would call them contemporary – but they were both magnificently rugged love stories.

The first one is a recent release from River Jaymes.  I had already read his book “The Backup Boyfriend” and I fell in love with Dylan and Alec.   In this new book, “The Boyfriend Mandate” the story is based on Tyler – Alec’s ex. I adored Tyler – he was so buttoned up and his control…was awe inspiring.  As for Memphis, well I didn’t like him at first.  I thought he was stringing Tyler along.  But as the story progressed I could see that wasn’t true at all.  I read the whole book in one sitting and loved it.  Now I am waiting for book 3 which will be about Noah who features as a strong secondary character in both books 1 and 2.  Another good book by the same author is “Brad’s Bachelor Party”, which is listed as one of my favorites.

I hadn’t read anything from Christa Tomlinson before, so her book, “Bad Boys Need Love Too,” was a real surprise.  In the beginning I hated Gage – I thought he was an arrogant, manipulative s**t, and those were his good points.  But Joseph was, originally almost too sweet, but as the story progressed you could tell he had a real backbone, and the strength to stay true to himself.  I really liked that.  There was a lot of sex in this book, but that wasn’t a problem.  For one thing it was really hot, and secondly, you got to learn a lot more about the characters during those scenes – so while there was a lot of it, it was almost all relevant. I just did a search on Amazon for the author and found she has the second book in the series about Max, who you meet in book 1, on pre-order, so yes, I one-clicked it. And then, oh damn, I saw that another book was also due for release in this series, also in November, so I clicked that too.  If these two books are anything like book one, they will be real scorchers.

Two really good authors, writing strong characters and really cool plot lines that were more about angst than outside interferences.  Hot sex, hot guys and an HEA in both cases.  No wonder I’m addicted.

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