Saying Goodbyes and New Series – Update

Hi everyone,

Firstly thank you all so much for the outpouring of support I got for my post about the Cloverleah series – I love how you all understood where I was coming from regarding story threads that spanned more than one book so at the moment, I am going to continue as planned.

But this year will see the ending of another series and some new beginnings. The Stockton Wolves series will be ending after the final book, due out next month about the Captain and Nico. I know a lot of you were hoping for Brian to have his own book too, but as he is definitely straight and I don’t write M/F, that just isn’t possible. So we will be saying goodbye to those guys at the end of their next book. I may write a Christmas special about them later in the year if they keep nagging me about it – apparently Sin has some sexy ideas for gifts.

I am thrilled with the way Madison’s story (Get Over It) has been going and I am excited about that new spin off series – The God’s Made Me Do It. Β Yes, Poseidon will get his mate in this series and so will the sexy Lasse who you will see more in Madison’s story. Oh, and I have planned a sexy surprise for the end of Madison’s story – and know, it’s not an mpreg dream lol.

Another new series to watch out for will be the spin off from Bound and Bonded with Phillip and Kellan’s new “pack”. That series will include stories about Sebastian, Cain and Prism and of course, Farron. Β The first book in that series will be out in April.

Support for Ranger’s End Game, my shorter books written under the name Lee Oliver, seems to be going well. A number of you are asking me about Cam’s story and that will be out in March. Β Thank you all so much for your support and positive comments on that one πŸ™‚

My mind seems to be teeming with new ideas – I am seriously considering an mpreg series and that could have a lot to do with the gorgeous pictures some of my readers have been sending me with cute little bear cubs and wolf pups, and for some reasons my mind’s been filled with dragons lately. But who knows – just watch this space.

What I did want to say is THANK YOU. Some of you have seen my posts on social media about piracy – that has a huge impact on my income and so many other authors I know. If I spent all my time trying to chase these criminals down, I wouldn’t have time to write. Writing is my sole income and without your generous support I would be homeless. Β I love what I do, but what I love more is your continued enthusiasm for the men who speak to me. Β Thank you πŸ™‚

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33 responses to Saying Goodbyes and New Series – Update

  1. Blaine Hall

    Hi Lisa! I am looking forward to anything you write. I hope the jackasses who steal books finally get hunted down and put in jail. It’s just as bad as stealing from your bank account or a car, and should be treated as such.
    Hugs from one of your rabid (bwahahahahaha) fans,

    • Lisao79

      Thank you Blaine, I quite agree and these guys don’t make it easy on us authors, but we keep fighting them as best we can – have a brilliant day and huge hugs πŸ™‚

  2. chelci

    Thank you, can’t wait for what’s ton come next! Will be said to see the Stockton boys go but I will enjoy the new series. I hope that we will get to see more of the Balance book. Thank you Lisa , love your books

    • Lisao79

      Hi Chelci,

      Thank you – you definitely will see more of my angels and demons, the second book will be out in the next couple of months (It was meant to be March but I am running behind lol, so I am giving myself an extra month just in case :))

  3. Xanthe Anderson

    Wow! How busy is your mind?! Cannot wait for all of these upcoming stories to be released. With regards to the Stockton series, you know when it’s time and doing just because isn’t who you are. Ranger’s End Game was another awesome read so thank you for that and can’t wait for Cam’s story. How very intriguing that snippet was about him at the end πŸ™‚

  4. Irene

    Lisa will be sorry to see the end of the Stockton wolves but do understand why it has to end, after all how will we get all the new series otherwise lol
    am looking forward to the new series spin off from bound and bonded, and more from your pen name Lee Oliver, i really enjoyed Rangers End Game.
    And i think those who steal from you (because in my mind thats what piracy is) are despicable people and obviously haved no writing talent of their own, I and your fans support you as much as we are able to and appreciate your work your writing has helped me when i get depressed as the stories take me out of myself and set me back on course so i appreciate your books so much because of that thank you and hugs

    • Lisao79

      Thank you so much Irene, I write the books I’d like to read so yep, I always make sure there isn’t too much angst and that the boys have a solid HEA.

      Take care and huge hugs

  5. Caligirl

    Mpreg … I am not too keen on this … MY CHOICE … MY OPINION it is NOT natural … and you know me Ms. Lisa … the Omega in this relationship WON’T (get to) top.

    I am sorry but I might not be (able to) read(ing) this series, please forgive me. It took a LONG time to read your BDSM series …

  6. Cali

    I love all books you write …except mpreg … I will stay by your ‘side’ til the end. You have brought peace, laughter, sadness, anger and most importantly love to my life. I thank you. With your books I am able to forget my life and its loneliness.We may never meet, but you have become a true friend.

    P. S. I will be there beyond the end.

    Janet (Caligirl)

    P. S. S. Please don’t think this is goodbye … that means forever … I have read quite a few books about MPreg … just not for me. You should (have) brought cubs and pups into Cloverleah …

    • Lisao79

      I don’t expect you to read everything I write sweetie and I am glad my stories were able to bring some joy into your life. There will be cubs and pups in Cloverleah, but not until the last book as it isn’t safe for them until then πŸ™‚


  8. Laurie P

    I am so sad when series end…I want them to go on forever! If you can (and the muse lets you) can you visit the guys in future so we know how they all are doing?

    • Lisao79

      Oh I definitely will be Laurie, that is what holiday specials are for πŸ™‚ Thank you and have a great day πŸ™‚

  9. Nicole

    Can’t wait Lisa. The books all sound so delicious!! So cant wait(as i’m bouncing up and down on the computer chair!!) πŸ™‚ Love your work πŸ™‚

  10. Debrah Nairn


    I’ve been an avid reader for years and just came across MM novels just last year and I’ve been hooked. I appreciate your craft, your imagination, the depth of your research that takes me to another place when I’m down, sad or my demons itch to surface. Thank you for the heads up, at least I’ll be prepared for the finale. Lol. I’ll be a continued fan and will support you always.

    • Lisao79

      I will always write Debrah and there will always be new series to enjoy – I find I can only write one way and that is books with true mates who make the journey from MINE to “I love you” – that will never change. Thank you and have a brilliant day πŸ™‚

  11. Lois Nettles


    I love all your writing and you really had me going with “the dream”. That was awesome!!! I just finished Rangers End Game. What am I gonna do now? Looks like I have to start rereading. LOL Looking forward to anywhere and everywhere your muse takes you! Best wishes!!!

  12. lynette McCormick

    I’m just plain happy, for all the things that u r doing for us, and we r all there for u, and looking forward to those new books, and u have a good day

  13. Carol

    I have loved each and every series you have done and I proudly bought all of them. I am so sorry that you are hurt by these criminals, many are middle class people who can afford to buy your books but seems to think that it is way more cool to steal instead. These are people that I hate. Yes i know it is a strong word. But it is the only word that fits my feelings. Stealing is so common in all things but it hurts the most with artists because they work so hard and SO MANY HOURS on their art so when the book is sold for 4.99 it really adds up to less that a penny a word. Many of the middle class who steal books would never consider working for so little. But these are the first people who claim that nobody listens to them. Bullshit. Maybe if they had more respect for the small business writer other people would have more respect for them. May they all rot in hell.
    Okay I got my rant on. Now let me tell you how much I love your stories and your writing. As I have said, I bought all of your series and have read them multiple times. And I am so impatient waiting for your new books that I check amazon constantly to see it a new one is out. Please keep writing and know that I am one of your most devoted fan.

    • Lisao79

      Hi Carol, thank you so much, I agree with your rant- pirates are thieves in every sense of the word no matter who they are. But it is support from readers like you that really helps us to keep going πŸ™‚ Have a brilliant day πŸ™‚

  14. Dan's Wife

    Lisa –

    I’m pretty sure I have every book you wrote . . . There are many shifter m/m authors out there, and some are good, some are getting there, but for me I keep checking to see when you have a new one out. There’s something about your characters, world, and story telling that keeps me coming back. Anyway, thank you and keep writing!

    • Lisao79

      Thank you Dan’s Wife – I quite often see your reviews on my books, so thank you for that too – you are always honest and if there are things I’ve written you don’t like, I always make note of them. Have a great day πŸ™‚

  15. Denise


    You’re one of the few authors that I actually follow. I’m so excited that you decided to stay the course with the Cloverleah series and can’t wait to dive into the spinoff series. I promise to be patient and will always look forward to new releases from you. Thank you for your wonderful books and please don’t stop writing.

  16. TracyGee

    I love your books. I have read them all a lot of them more than once. I can’t wait for the spinoff series from Bound and Bonded.

  17. Tracy-Ann

    Hey Lisa

    Love your books, keep them coming and I’ll keep reading, I hate that this series is ending because I love the characters .. hopefully Cloverleah will keep going for a while longer though

    Happy Valentines Day and keep up the great work