Scenes from Cloverleah #1 Cover reveal and blurb

Hi guys, super excited today; my short stories are finished and are available for pre-order on with a release date of November 6th.

This is the book where you find out more about Diablo’s father; have a sneak peak on Josh and Vadim’s honeymoon; find out a bit more behind the scenes with Kane and Shawn and…why is there a baby cub on the cover? Because that sweet little cub Vassago saved in book nine, is needing a good home and Luke, Kurt and Tobias have stepped up to take the job.










This is NOT a standalone.

There have been a lot of things going on in the Cloverleah pack, and if you have been following the series, you will know there were a couple of things that happened that didn’t quite make it in the story line. These four short stories are my way of filling in those gaps.

Griff and Diablo: Our two men have finally got the chance of a three-day break before they are due to get married in New York. Diablo wants Griff to meet his mom, but they’d only been there long enough for lunch, and Diablo starts to think he’s made a huge mistake.

Josh and Vadim’s wedding had Josh crying in the aisle, but Vadim’s the planning expert and he has a wonderful holiday planned for his mate. Unfortunately, it seems Vadim can’t go anywhere without his past coming to haunt him, and this time Josh is under threat.

Shawn knows Kane has a bee in his bonnet about something; he just doesn’t know what it is. It’s time for some serious talking, and maybe, just maybe these two men will find a sliver of hope among the darkness that’s been surrounding Cloverleah.

Kurt, Luke and Tobias: Tobias always said that once the pack was safe he was more than happy to entertain the idea of having children. But the Fates had another plan in mind and when a baby cub rescued from Roland’s lab has trouble settling in with the San Antonio pack, Luke makes a plea that can’t be ignored.

If you want to know the back story for these characters, the titles are below:
Griff and Diablo – The Runaway Cat
Josh and Vadim – Watching Out for Fangs
Kane and Shawn – The Reluctant Wolf
Kurt, Luke and Tobias – Tangling with Bears

I do hope you will like the little snippets as we revisit some of Cloverleah’s favorite characters. The next full book in the Cloverleah series, On the Brink, will be available in January 2017.

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6 responses to Scenes from Cloverleah #1 Cover reveal and blurb

  1. Tammy

    Already going to pre-order this book!!!!!!😊

  2. Tammi Hammond

    So excited!!! Been waiting and wondering about Diablo!!

  3. Caligirl

    WOO WOO!! Is Nov 6th here yet?! I CANNOT WAIT FOR Ollie!!

  4. Judy Stone

    Oh, I’ve been waiting (notice I didn’t say patiently) to hear more about one of my favorite couples Griff and Diablo and to find out, at last, how he because the king of the cat shifters.

    And the furry little guy on the cover? Aww, I want to give him a great big hug. My wait will be over soon. I pre-ordered.

  5. Caligirl

    There will FINALLY a little one in this 🏡!! Hopefully more on the way … ?