Shifters Uprising

This series is a bit different to the others as it is written based on the ideas from my son Thomas.  At twenty two Thomas had a lot of definite ideas about how the world should be and when he came to me and asked me to work with him on his ideas, I couldn’t say no. The stories are a little edgier than my others, but they still include two hot men falling in love and an HEA.  They are shifter stories, with true mates, just as with all of my other books.  But thanks to my son’s wicked imagination you might find, as this series progresses, we haven’t just based these books on wolves and big cats – there are currently five books planned and they include eagles, hawks, bears and a rather rascally squirrel.

Click on the covers below to be taken to the blurb and extracts for the books currently available.

actual cover

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