Book 1 – Shifter’s Uprising by Lisa Oliver and T.J. Oliver

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Carlin is an Alpha Wolf Fighter, one of only three in the top spots at the Souterrain – an underground fighting club, run by the Elite to punish shifters who have gone outside of the laws. He’s happy enough, only has to fight exhibition matches, has his own apartment space, food and sex on tap – yep, life it good. So when Martin offers him the chance to fight for his freedom, Carlin turns it down. It’s no fun being a lone wolf and Carlin is quite happy where he is.

Then Lucas catches his eye. A handsome man, a stunning fighter, moving up through the ranks fast.  Lucas might not have the killer attitude that most men at the Souterrain have, but he’s got the moves.  Carlin has no problems insisting the man is bought to his apartment – sex is never a bad idea.  But when he catches Lucas’s scent and realizes the man is his fated mate, suddenly getting him to bed is the least of his problems.  Lucas wants to be free, and for the first time in a long time, so does Carlin.

Unfortunately there is more to Lucas than meets the eye.  Martin certainly has no intention of letting them go, and if he has to have Carlin killed to keep Lucas at the Souterrain, then the man has no problems with that either. Suddenly the deal Carlin makes with Martin goes horribly wrong, and Carlin and Lucas realize that the price for freedom might be Carlin’s life, and even then Lucas will not be free.

Warnings: M/M sex, HEA, some violence (they are in a fight club after all).  A growly Alpha who lets his emotions get the best of him, and a hybrid shifter with a wicked imagination.


Carlin knew he was behaving like an idiot pacing up and down the floor of his small apartment, but he couldn’t stop.  How long did it take for one man to have a shower for fucks sake? He’d ordered food for the both of them. Having been a fighter for more than five years, Carlin knew that Lucas would be hungry – hopefully for food and sex.  But if the bloody man didn’t get his skates on then Carlin would eat alone and get straight to dessert when Lucas arrived.

About to call Brian and find out where his errant fuck had gone, Carlin caught the sound of people outside of his door. He threw himself on the couch and picked up a book.  He didn’t want Lucas thinking he was waiting for him or anything.

Brian came in, Lucas a few steps behind him.

“Alpha Fighter Carlin.  This is Lucas, ranked fifth after today.”

Carlin was surprised.  He’d heard the man had moved swiftly up the ranks, but he didn’t realize that Lucas was so close to a shot for an Alpha ranking. In theory, one more fight and he might have to fight Lucas in the ring. For a moment Carlin was tempted to send the man away.  He did have some conscience, even after so many years of being a fighting machine.  He didn’t want to have to kill someone who had been in his bed.

But then Lucas stepped past Brian, and Carlin was caught in angry eyes. Silver eyes.  Something tugged at Carlin’s brain – the eye color had some significance, didn’t it? But then Lucas’s scent hit Carlin’s nose and any rational thought fell straight out of his brain.

“Leave, Brian,” Carlin said, standing up and not breaking his stare with Lucas. He knew his body radiated the power he was famous for, and guessed he might look intimidating, as he heard Brian whisper to Lucas as he scurried out of the door, “I told you not to stare at an Alpha.  You’re dead meat pup.”

“Better dead than a fuck toy,” Lucas snarled – his comment for Brian, but those silver eyes stayed fixed on Carlin.

“I agree,” Carlin said, his voice dropping as he got closer.  Before Lucas could react, he reached his hand around, grabbing Lucas by the nape and pushing the man’s face into his throat. Whatever Lucas was going to say was muffled by Carlin’s skin, although the man was kicking, punching and doing everything he could to get free.

“Sniff, damn you,” Carlin said urgently. “Fucking sniff, and then I’ll let you go.”

Adult Excerpt

Wriggling and writhing, Lucas struggled to free his arms. He wanted to touch his mate’s silky skin, and his poor throbbing cock was getting desperate for relief.  It hadn’t really gone down at all since he had landed in Carlin’s arms and Lucas could feel the chaff of denim every time he tried to thrust up his hips. Carlin was the tease, holding his body just out of reach.

“Settle,” Carlin grumbled against his skin as Lucas continued to wriggle.

“I need, damn it.” Lucas growled, and tried to twist his body, aching to feel something other than Carlin’s mouth on his skin.  But with his legs trapped between Carlin’s strong thighs, and his arms still held down by the man’s frigging hands, Lucas couldn’t go anywhere. From the claws Lucas could feel digging lightly into his biceps, Carlin’s wolf was firmly in control and for some reason that made Lucas even more frantic.

Carlin was finally moving lower, only after Lucas’s torso was littered in marks. Lucas stilled as his mate’s mouth came within a hair’s breadth of the button on his jeans. Carlin’s panted breath was hot on his skin, and Lucas twisted again as best as he could, trying to get closer to the promise the mouth could deliver.

“Don’t move.” Carlin’s abrupt order came out semi-garbled and for a moment Lucas was confused.  Until Carlin ripped his jeans apart with his teeth. His very long, very wolf like teeth. Fuck that was hot on so many levels, but all Lucas could feel was relief.  Relief that his mate had freed his cock and might actually do something about his hard on that was threatening to drain every drop of blood in his body.

When he got down to it, Carlin didn’t disappoint. He sniffed and licked all over Lucas’s length before burying his nose in Lucas’s balls. Lucas groaned loudly as he felt the gentle scrape of Carlin’s teeth against his ball sack, the balls themselves so high, hard and tight, Lucas thought they would explode. He could feel his orgasm approaching – could feel the tingles in his body that let him know his release was going to be a doozy. The gentle pressure on his balls, his cock so hard it hurt, Lucas willed it to happen, begged for it to happen.

“Carlin please,” Lucas yelled, as he felt the momentum building.  Thank the Fates. His mate was actually listening to him because seconds later Lucas’s neglected cock was completely enveloped in a tantalizing heat. One slight scrape of Carlin’s teeth and Lucas groaned out a heartfelt, “thank fuck,” as he poured his seed down his mate’s throat.

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