Showing Love For Your Favorite Authors

Happy New Year 🙂 

It’s not always easy getting back into work mode after the holiday season, but I am working hard on two stories at the moment and hope to have at least one of them released this month. The first is Liam’s story from the Arrowtown series (Liam’s Lament). Those of you who read book 2 will remember he had found a mate and had to let him go after some horrible issues concerning our lovely snake shifter, Simon. Liam’s story won’t be the light and fluffy type as seen in A Tiger’s Tale, but I hope you enjoy his HEA.

This is my lovely Liam 🙂

The second story is muse related – I know, I have a ton of other stories to write, but this one persisted and you know my muse. It won’t shut up until I start writing things down. Called The Necromancer’s Smile, this one concerns a young Necromancer and his relations with an Alpha Wolf Detective, who is working on an intriguing case. Unlike my other series that always involve a new couple with each new book, the plan for this one is to continue the series with just this couple, with a host of secondary characters who I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.

But, that wasn’t my purpose of the post today. All authors know that as much as they would love to sit and write their stories all day, marketing is a huge part of reaching new readers and letting loyal readers know when new releases are imminent. Some of us are lucky enough to have readers that share their posts on social media, in Facebook groups and things like that. However, from messages I receive from time to time, it seems some of you are not sure what is and is not allowed when it comes to letting your friends know you like a particular story. So here are 7 tips on things you can do to help show your love for any of your favorite authors.

  1. Leave reviews – whether it is just a star rating or you want to write a whole page on what you love about the story, please think about leaving reviews. They are vitally important when encouraging new readers to try an author they haven’t read before.
  2. Share, Share, Share – it doesn’t matter whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other popular social media channel. Please share your author’s covers and buy links. If you are not comfortable with your Aunt Lucy knowing you read MM for example, then share the information in closed groups. Unless she is a member to, she won’t know about it. The post doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just something like “I’ve just read this great book…” or “Have you seen AuthorXYZ has a new release…” Always remember to include a buying link if possible. Social media users are one-clickers – if they are interested in something they don’t want to have to search for it on their favorite book site. Become an unofficial street team for the authors you love – they will love you for it.
  3. Join in – is your author having an event?  Sign up for it. Do they have a group where they share teasers and pictures? Become a member. Not only does this put you in the front row seat for any competitions or giveaways your author might be running, but you become part of a lovely community of people who all share your love as well.
  4. Newsletters – I know most of us just discard them without reading them, but you could be missing out. If your author has a newsletter sign up, read along and if you are signed up to mine, feel free to reply and say Hi.  Authors love to hear from you.
  5. Subscribe to author blogs – I will be the first to admit I do most of my posting on Facebook, but that is because they have a chat function that allows me to talk to readers directly. But when I have something big to say then I use my blog because it allows me more room to express myself. I might only be on here occasionally but I also post my free stories here, plus there is a listing of all my books and the order they need to be read in.
  6. Do your bit against piracy – Piracy is a huge concern to authors. Every single copy “borrowed” or downloaded without payment is taking money away from the author. It has gotten so bad, some authors have given up. I know I felt like that just last month. For me and a lot of other authors, our writing is our only source of income and every copy of a book sold counts. So if you see it, report it – either to the site you  saw it on, or to the author concerned. There are still some people who don’t believe the damage pirates can do. They think, “oh, but I can’t afford the new book this month and it’s just one download, or just one borrow from someone else. What harm can it do?” The harm comes from the fact you think you are the only ones doing it. Imagine that same line of thinking coming from a hundred people or a thousand. Another MM author did a post on this recently – she’d lost thousands of dollars. Can you afford to lose that much money? Do you think she can? No, none of us can. So please, if you see it, report it. Your favorite authors would far rather spend their time writing new stories than chasing down assholes that steal from them.
  7. Let your author know you care – Writing is a solitary craft and most authors have those days when they wonder why they do what they do. You have no idea how often I’ve had a bad day and then I get an email, message or post from someone letting me know how excited they are about my next book, or how much they loved about an older one.  Every single message I get like that gives me the energy to go on. We write because we love what we do, but it is so much easier to write when we know others love what we do too 🙂

I am heading back to my writing cave – these stories don’t write themselves 🙂  Have a wonderful day.

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3 responses to Showing Love For Your Favorite Authors

  1. Eydie Gellins

    Happy New Year! I can’t wait for your new books to come out and I will try to keep up with the tips that you mentioned!

  2. Laurie P

    Love your stories! And I’ll do what I can.

  3. Kim Bytheway

    Can’t wait for the new books . The Necromancer’s Smile sounds great.