Slowly getting my NaNoWriMo feet

UGH – it has been a tough two days, but I am slowly getting a routine going with my Nano challenge this year.  As noted in an earlier post I decided to be superwoman this year and try and complete two books in the time I would normally write one.  Don’t ask me why, it doesn’t make sense in my brain either, but I thought it was a good idea at the time and now I have actually started the work.

Getting Close to the Omega is at about 7,000 words at the moment and going along slowly.  My MC Dean in this book is a bit skittish, has an abusive past and needs some careful handling and I want the book’s pace to reflect that. Fortunately he is paired with a very old shifter who does have huge amounts of patience.

In Get off my Case, my Goodreads story that I am finally finishing, I have added another 7,000 words so far.  I estimate it will take about another 20K or so to finish the story, but that will depend on the murderer. In the meantime my MCs are enjoying a lot of sex and get to know you stuff, which I always enjoy writing.

Well back to the grindstone.  To complete my goal I need to write a minimum of 5k every day for the month.  If I can get it done I will definitely be taking December off.

How is your writing progress going?  Anyone else doing the challenge?

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