Copping A Lot Of Sin

Book 2 – Stockton Wolves Series – Lisa Oliver

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Sequel to Get Off My Case
Can be read as standalone

Sin’s life was totally turned upside down when he learned about the existence of shifters and Fated Mates just six months before. That was when he met and fell head over heals in lust, and then love, with a young wolf shifter named Ben. In the six months that followed he moved house, and now shares his life with the small Stockton pack and his bed with Ben. He thinks things are going well. That is until his Alpha tells him that Ben is having problems and apparently Sin is to blame.

Ben is unhappy, but it’s not something he can talk to Sin about. He tried once, and got shot down, big time. Sin is human and a rampant Dominant, and while Sin confines his dominance to the bedroom, outside of it both men are too busy living normal everyday lives. Ben’s struggling to keep his wolf under control- his wolf that wants to claim Sin in the way of his kind. But unless Sin changes his ways, Ben might be reduced to taking drastic measures. He’s certainly thinking about it.

With a claiming night that has unexpected repercussions, a serial killer on the lose that smells like a bear and who is targeting young men who look just like Ben, life starts to get more complicated. A random meeting with Gabriel brings even more surprises to both Sin and Ben’s life – and neither one of them is quite sure how to cope with the sexy man.

A wedding to plan, a killer to find, a bear in a wolf pack? What is going on in the Stockton pack and will Sin, Ben and Gabriel stay alive long enough to explore their own budding relationship?

Warning: This book is a menage (M/M/M) and contains coarse language, sexually explicit scenes between men and some violence. This is a complete story with no cliffhangers, although a teaser for the next book is mentioned in the epilogue. As with all of my books an HEA is guaranteed.


Sin let himself into the house, loosening his tie with one hand as the other fumbled with his keys, trying to put them on the relevant hook.  Since the pack, and he was still getting used to that word, had all moved in together, Kalel, their resident cat shifter had insisted that a bowl full of keys by the front door was untidy and a nuisance. He had set them up a board, complete with name tags and hooks, so that everyone knew where their keys were and, in Sin’s case could work out who was home when he walked in the door.  The only set missing was Ben’s and Sin frowned as he walked into the large living area. He didn’t like the idea of Ben being on his own anywhere. Maybe Peter had ridden with Ben that morning…nope. Peter was curled up on the couch with Kalel, both men chatting with Dimitri and Shane who were sharing the other one.

“Where’s Ben?” Sin snarled, looking at Peter. Peter was Ben’s closest friend, they grew up in the same pack along with Dimitri who was Peter’s older brother.

“I’m not his keeper, man,” Peter said although he kept his growls to himself. Sin might be human but he wasn’t a man to be messed with. “He said he had shit to do and I figured he was with you.”

“He was meant to be with me, but that fucking woman and her poxy poodle kept me all freaking afternoon. I texted him and told him to head home with you.” Sin pulled his phone out of his pants pocket before collapsing into the nearest chair. He’d had a shit assed afternoon and now Ben wasn’t around he was starting to get worried.

Hitting speed dial #2 Sin ignored the other men in the room, waiting for Ben to answer. After ringing seven times the phone went to voicemail and Sin cursed, clicking disconnect and then redial.  Same thing happened. Throwing his phone on the couch beside him, he looked up to see everyone looking at him.

“You’re feeling anxious? Chest hurt, ache in your stomach?” Shane asked.

“Yes,” Sin looked at Shane astonished. Was this a shifter thing? Instant health diagnosis? How was he to know what powers the others in the room had, he was a mere human in the grand scheme of things. But Shane ignored him, looking at Peter instead.

“When was the last time you saw Ben?”

“Lunchtime,” Peter said, casting a worried look at Sin as he answered Shane. “He had an extra class this avo, that art thing he likes doing. I told him I was meeting Kalel for lunch and he said he was meeting Sin after class, so I figured he was fine.”

“I’ve told you boys to stick together,” Dimitri growled. “This isn’t Jacob’s Lake. It’s a much bigger town and the crime rates are a lot higher here.”

“Ben can take care of himself,” Peter snapped. “I know you guys are all big strong detectives and everything, but not everyone is out to kill us, or shit like that.”

“Tell that to the bloke we found lying dead behind Leathers this morning,” Shane yelled back. “The guy that could have easily passed for Ben’s twin brother.”

Adult Excerpt

And explore Ben did. Starting with a kiss because for Ben that had always been the most intimate of things he and Sin did together, Ben poured his love for his man into his kiss. Any second Ben expected Sin to take it over, just like he always did, but Sin just lay there, responsive, but allowing Ben the lead.

When life throws you unlimited options and a body built for sex, it’s a little hard to know what to do first. But Ben had thought about his claiming for a long time and as soon as he felt Sin move, pant a little, and moan – something that happened so rarely Ben felt like a God – he moved on. Kisses and bites to that strong thick neck, Ben couldn’t resist licking and rubbing his nose into the spot that would host his bite. Sin twitched and then chuckled. My God he’s ticklish. Six months Ben had been with his lover and he’d never known that.

Moving down a muscled body – Sin kept himself in awesome shape, Ben traced the network of tattoos the man had right down one arm and over his shoulder with his tongue. His hands found Sin’s nipples, hard little nubs that begged for a bite, so Ben did that too – following up the harshness of his teeth with a swipe of his tongue. He sucked, he nibbled, he licked and kissed his way across Sin’s broad chest, moving ever so slowly downwards, claiming every inch of the man who would become permanently his.

By the time Sin’s cock was nudging Ben’s chin, Ben was about ready to blow himself. Sin hadn’t lain idle during Ben’s ministrations. His huge hands had wound themselves in Ben’s hair, pressing his head in some places, stroking and guiding him in others. No matter what Sin had said about Ben being allowed to do what he liked, he never doubted that his mate was in charge.

Without hesitation Ben took Sin’s cock in his mouth, plunging his head down like he’d been taught, relaxing his throat so he could take his mate’s length in its entirety. Taking a long suck, Ben popped off and proceeded to literally worship the length in front of his eyes. Long, thick and proud, Sin would never have anything to be embarrassed about in the locker room and Ben paid avid attention to every inch. Long licks, little nibbles all around the foreskin before he dipped his tongue inside to the purple head beneath.

Sin’s moans and groans were getting louder, his hips twitching as if he couldn’t control himself. When Ben nuzzled his nose and mouth into that delicious bit of skin between Sin’s heavy balls, he felt the tap of plastic on his arm. Grabbing the lube, Ben sat up a bit so that he could get the lid off, coating his fingers with the sticky goo. Underneath him Sin had rolled, bringing his knees up underneath him, spreading his legs wide, dropping his shoulders down forcing Ben’s focus to two chiseled ass cheeks waiting to be pulled apart.

“Holy mother,” Ben gasped. “You’re giving me such a gift.”

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