Stuck Day


We all have them. Those days where you plan to get X number of words done in a day, so you sit down to write and your story stalls.  The words won’t come. The plot seems contrived. You start second guessing yourself and your story line. That’s what happened to me today, and as I’m doing the NaNo challenge, I initially felt bad about it because the words I don’t get written today, will be extra I will have to do tomorrow. So why did I stop writing at 2k instead of 3?  Why didn’t I just push through it?

Simple really.  For me a story has to flow and if I overthink it, then you can guarantee that tomorrow, the first thing I would be doing is tugging, editing, tweaking and even deleting whole passages of my book because I’m not happy with it.  That happened to me when I was writing Book 3 of the Cloverleah pack series – When No Doesn’t Cut It.  I had a rough couple of days, forced myself to keep writing, thinking that’s what all good writers did, and then ended up deleting over half of my book (over 20K) a week later, because it felt stilted, awkward and wasn’t how I felt the story should go.

This is different to those days when I would rather read than write. Or other days when I question my worth as a writer. On those days I do push myself, because I know inside that creating my characters and the world they live in is something that overall I love more than just about anything in my life. I’m learning, as this writing journey progresses, that there is a big difference for me, in being stuck and feeling lazy. When I’m stuck, I take a break. When I’m being lazy, I push through it. Today was a stuck day.

Tomorrow, I’m just pleased I don’t have any sex scenes planned for the day’s writing.  I am babysitting my granddaughter for the day, and trying to evoke a sensual mood between my MCs is darn hard when Dora the Explorer is on the television 🙂

Have a great day.

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