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A Question About Dirk

Hi everyone, Firstly, I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. My fingers have been busy trying to make sense of my stories. I want [..]

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The Great Fuzz Debate

Hi everyone, I hope you have all recovered from your holiday festivities and have found some quiet time for yourself. I have a question? Beards or no beards. [..]

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Meet The Characters – Mace’s Awakening

Hi everyone, so excited because Mace’s Awakening is live today on Amazon.com.  As a lot of you know, I always pick out the pictures of my two MCs [..]

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I’m A Bad Blog Owner…

But here’s a picture to make up for it. Meet Phillip, the main character in my newest book, Undesirable Mate, which is book five (I think) of the [..]

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Uncaged – Meet the Characters

Hi again, I post the pictures that inspire my main characters on the wall of my office to keep me motivated.  With my new book currently going through [..]

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