Thank you, Update, Thoughts and Giveaway

Hi everyone,

Firstly, THANK YOU!!!!!!  You guys have been so supportive of me lately, and I am totally touched at all of the wonderful people I have come to know through writing my stories.  Firstly, you were so wonderful when I hurt my arm and thought it would be ages until I could write again, and then when someone posted a one star review on my new book, Copping A Lot Of Sin, (when she hadn’t even read it), you guys came to my aid again. I have been totally blown away by how wonderful you all are – thank you seems so inadequate, but I mean it from my heart.

Now, as you know (or can see from the word counts in the side bar) both Copping A Lot Of Sin, and The Power Of The Bite are finished.  CALOS is on Amazon, you can find that here. The Power Of the Bite will be going up on pre-order tomorrow, with a release date of  the 16th of December.  I will post a link for it, as soon as I get one.

So for me, the next question is, what do I write next?  I have five books and two short stories that I want to write.  I desperately wanted to get Phillip’s story written (B&B), but Tobias, the little shit from CP has been so demanding in my head – giving me the opening scene, explaining how he wants the story to go – did you know bears came in pairs?  Well, apparently mine do.

After a lot of thought, I have decided to write the next CP book, which will be another ménage although that wasn’t how I originally intended it – but, yes, my bears apparently need to hold each other’s hands, and I figured Tobias can cope with it. The other story I decided to tackle next, is another Alpha and Omega book, this time about the two blonds that featured on this blog months ago. This is where the giveaway comes in.  I have pasted the pictures below, and included a few details that the characters have given me so far – but my brain is mush where names are concerned. So look at the pics, read the brief bio and in the comments below let me know what you think their names are.  The pair I pick will win a copy of any three of my books, in ebook form, or a signed printed copy of any of my print books.

Here is the Alpha:-

AandO Bk 2 Alpha 1

He’s arrogant, he has a touch of OCD and likes everything in it’s place. He can’t abide untidy people, or anyone touching his things. He believes his mate will dote on him, only want to serve him in all things, and will basically be brain dead. Like I would give him someone like that. He does have his good points – he just hasn’t told me what they are yet.

Here is my Omega:-

AandO Bk 2 omega 1

Now this young man has had a hard life, and a chip on his shoulder ten foot wide. He’s a creative type, an artist, and when he gets involved in his work he doesn’t come up for air. But I can sense the need for acceptance in him, and that is why his story has to be told. For all his snark, he is a lovely guy, and super talented. He has a couple of protective friends, but no family. He is definitely going to give his Alpha a run for his money.

So – can you help? Bear in mind that the two names can’t start with the same letter as that just gets too confusing, and if you can steer away from names I have used in other books, that would be helpful too. But I got slandered for Marly Miles (The Biker’s Omega) and I don’t want to make that mistake again – so comment below and put these guys out of their misery – at the moment I have them listed as X and Y in the manuscript.

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36 responses to Thank you, Update, Thoughts and Giveaway

  1. Stefanie Krüger

    Alpha: Mike Stanley

    Omega: Troy Fermont

  2. Denise


  3. Holly Shreves

    Alpha- Colten Denver, Omega- Kale Asher. Love your work!