The Artist and His Alpha is on Pre-order – Excerpt

If you absolutely adore beefy Alphas, cute little Omegas, and the true mate trope, then give my latest book a try.

The Artist and His Alpha is now available for pre-order on Amazon, and comes out on Wed 3rd Feb.  You can find more details here.  And just to tempt your taste buds further, here is another excerpt.


“If you’re nervous, just keep your eyes on me, and let me guide you,” Sean whispered in his hair, after he’d locked the car. “I do want to introduce you to the staff so that they know who you are, but honestly that won’t take long.”

Caden managed to nod. Staff. Wow. Although Sean had talked about his business quite often over the past two weeks, it wasn’t until he and Sean swept past the line, heading straight for the door, that it actually hit him – this was Sean’s business. He had staff. He was a business owner.

“Rocky, Bruno, I want you to meet Caden Wolfe. He’s a well-known artist, and my fiancé. You’ll be seeing a lot of him around here, so make sure he gets looked after.” Sean’s firm voice broke through Caden’s thoughts and he mutely held out his hand as it was engulfed by first one calloused palm, and then a second. He managed a small smile.

“Nice to meet you.” That was polite enough, right?

Rocky and Bruno nodded. “Nice to meet you too, Mr. Wolfe, and congratulations. If there’s anything you need, and Sean’s not around, you come and see us and we’ll take care of it for you.” Rocky had a deep voice that seemed to stem from the bottom of his chest. A big chest that seemed to match an equally big body. No wonder the guy was a bouncer – he looked like a human wall.

“Thank you.” Caden wasn’t sure what he could possibly want, or why Sean wouldn’t be around, but maybe these two guys didn’t know that, or maybe they were simply being polite in front of the boss. What would Caden know?

“Come on, Caden, I’ll introduce you…” Sean had slipped his hand around Caden’s shoulder and was about to lead him inside when a loud voice shouted.

“Sean. Yo, Sean. Hey, remember me from last month? Blow job with special extras? Should have been good enough to jump the line, don’t you think?” Caden peered around his mate to see a dark-haired, slim man, jumping up and down in the line trying to get Sean’s attention.

“They could have let you get in the door first,” Rocky said to Sean, flashing Caden a quick look of sympathy. “Shall I show Mr. Wolfe around while you take care of motor mouth over there?”

Caden made to move away from Sean, who’s grip tightened around his shoulder. “I won’t be dealing with him,” Sean said firmly, a grim smile on his face. “That’s what I pay you two for. This is my fiancé’s first night in my place of business, and I don’t want any trouble from anyone – do I make myself clear.”

End excerpt – hope you enjoy 🙂

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