The Biker’s Omega, Update and Excerpt

Hi everyone, I know The Biker’s Omega was supposed to be out this week, but my two men decided that they had a bit more they wanted to say and the work is now ten thousand words longer than I thought it would be.  It will definitely be out next week, and to tickle your interest I have posted another small excerpt below.  Watch for the cover reveal over the weekend 🙂

Excerpt (Unedited)

Never one for kissing men, or many women for that matter, Trent was addicted to it with Marly. He felt the moment his mate surrendered to him, the muscles going plaint, a hand cupping the back of his head, the mouth opened accepting everything that Trent could offer.  And that sweet body flexing beneath his trying to get as much skin coverage as possible, Trent could never get enough of that.

His wolf pacified by Marly’s submission, Trent could afford to take his time.  His mate might laugh at him for being older, but in Trent’s head that just made him more experienced and while most of his experience with men had been of the rough and tumble variety, he still knew how to convey with his body the feelings he couldn’t express with words.  When Marly started to beg, his body trembling under Trent’s touch, Trent just redoubled his efforts.  By the time he finally pushed his cock deep inside Marly’s welcoming hole, and damn if Trent didn’t love this whole self-prep business his mate had going on, Marly screamed.

And that was exactly the response Trent had been aiming for.  Flipping Marly’s legs over his shoulders Trent plunged hard into his mate’s heat, every thrust reaffirming their bond and his need to know that his mate was alive, healthy and with him in every way.  His only regret, and it really wasn’t a regret at all, was that Marly was too perfect, too hot, too submissive and fuck it all, after all of the build-up, Trent just wouldn’t last.  When even thoughts of maggot infested meat couldn’t hold back his need to coat his mate’s insides with come, Trent grabbed hold of Marly’s cock.  Two quick twists and Marly tumbled into orgasm, shouting out Trent’s name, with Trent following quickly behind.

His arms trembling with the effort of keeping his bulk off of Marly’s smaller body, Trent looked down to see Marly’s eyes closed.  His little mate had passed out.  Trent felt a twinge in his heart that he’d never felt before –a warmth, a glow and as he carefully moved to one side and took his mate in his arms, he had the strangest feeling that this was love felt like.

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2 responses to The Biker’s Omega, Update and Excerpt

  1. Caligirl

    i loved this!! will the next book be on the biker story line?

    • Lisao79

      Hi Sweetie, won’t be for a couple of months I am afraid, this divorce business is really messing with my head and my writing schedule. But I promise I won’t forget it 🙂