Angel in Black Leather Pants

Book #9 – The Cloverleah Pack Series



Adair was tired of waiting. He knew he had a mate, although they’d never met, and his waiting wasn’t made any easier watching Tobias snuggling close with his two mates. He’d thought a lot of the smaller wolf at one time. All he had was the company of his two brothers, and endless patrols trying to keep the Cloverleah pack lands safe. A trip to Claude’s with his brothers one night has some unexpected, but pleasant consequences, and after an initial misunderstanding, Adair is suddenly thrust into the world of magic, and the demands of a relationship.

Vassago’s never had a chance to be proud of who he was. As the second son of the king of the djinn, and being a lot smaller than his father or brother, Vassago spent a lot of time on the human realm, avoiding his family and those who had nothing better to do than bully him. After spending a horrible nine months trapped in Jake Poindexter’s body, he knew he had to find his potestatem before he could claim his mate. Unfortunately, that was easier said than done. When help is offered, he’s hesitant to take it, but the lure of finally being in his mate’s arms was too strong to ignore.

The troubles hitting Cloverleah are falling thick and fast. Insane plans of wiping out all paranormal life isn’t confined to a few errant humans. It’ll take the steadfast nature of a wolf shifter, who still has a habit of saying the wrong thing, and the magic of a djinn who’s struggling to believe in himself, before these two will find their HEA.


“My, my, my, don’t you move well my lovely,” Vassago whispered as he watched Adair in the crowd below. This wasn’t the first time he’d spied on his soon-to-be mate, but this was the first time he’d seen the man doing anything other than working or sleeping. After he’d spirited away from the cell three months before, he’d lasted a week before he headed back to Cloverleah, just wanting a glimpse of the man fate paired him with. After that first look Vassago was hooked and he found himself zeroing in on his mate’s scent more often than probably healthy. He’d yet to find his potestatem, and he was getting increasingly anxious about it. It should’ve been in Atlanta, but every lead he followed turned up empty. His search was hampered by the fact he couldn’t stay away from his mate, no matter how often he tried.

His lips curled into a snarl as he watched some young thing rub up against his mate. Admittedly, Adair moved away but the young blond was persistent and common sense told Vassago that his mate could only withstand so much. There’d been many a time Vassago spirited himself within range of Adair, worried the man would have someone sharing his bed. It hadn’t happened so far, but….

What if he’s got sick of waiting for you, the insidious voice inside of Vassago’s head prompted? He knows you exist, but he’s a wolf shifter. An alpha. They’re made for sex. Vassago knew that only too well. He spent more than a century learning about all types of paranormals, fascinated by wolf shifters well before he’d ever met one. Key things separated wolf shifters from others – their loyalty, devotion to pack and their Alpha, and a sex drive which was well documented in ancient lore. The stronger the wolf, the higher the drive, and Adair was a very strong wolf.

The blond was making a move again, and from what Vassago could see Adair’s brothers were encouraging him. Fuck it. Vassago scanned the surroundings for a dark corner. There, that would do it. He didn’t want to cause uproar in a pack, especially with humans around. Encasing himself in a wall of magic, a handy thing to have when he didn’t want unknown shifters pawing him, Vassago materialized and nimbly edged his way closer to his mate. The blond had his arms wrapped around Adair’s waist and it took all of Vassago’s energies not to zap the little shit. Instead he pushed his way to the blond’s side, and smiled. “It’s time for you to go now,” he said, pouring on his charm. There were very few creatures that could resist his voice if he put his mind to it.

The blond looked startled, but then dutifully slipped away into the crowd and for the first time Vassago had his mate’s full attention. Standing at least six foot five, with huge shoulders and a mass of long wavy hair, Adair was dressed in a bright green shirt that matched his emerald eyes, and tight black pants that clearly showed which way he was dressing. Vassago grinned and slid into the same position he’d removed the blond from.

“You don’t have a problem dancing with me, do you?” From the way Adair’s arms came around him, and the two men fell into a slow rhythm, Vassago got the answer he was looking for.

Adult Excerpt

Fingers working quickly, Vassago made short work of the button and zipper. But instead of the expected flesh he hoped to find, Vassago was confronted by a blue silken bulge. “Oh, baby, this is one hell of a welcome surprise. You wear things like this all the time?”

Vassago looked up to see Adair’s sharp cheekbones were tinged with red. “I like how they feel on my skin,” he said gruffly.

“Believe me sweetheart, I like how they feel on your skin too, and how they look clinging to your sexy package. Hmm, I am a lucky, lucky djinn.” Vassago gave into temptation and leaned forward burying his nose along the shaft clearly evident in the satin. He allowed himself an open mouthed groan, as his fingers fumbled to remove Adair’s boots. Damn man would have big feet, and Vassago knew he should be watching what he was doing, but oh, the smell, the heat around his face was driving Vassago insane.

“You have magic; use it. It’s not as though you’re going to shock someone like me.” His mate had a good point. Vassago hadn’t been with a shifter or another paranormal in decades; thinking as others of his kind did, that his mate would be human. He felt a definite sense of relief at not having to explain the concepts of paranormal to a human. Whisking Adair’s jeans and boots off with a mere thought, Vassago ran his nose up and down the length of flesh that was threatening the bounds of the silken boy shorts.

Oh fuck. Amazing. Adair epitomized everything he’d been missing and so much more. Vassago had been with wolf shifters before, a long time ago. But in comparison to his mate they were nothing more than puppies. The sheer power emanating from Adair’s body was making him drunk, and Vassago found himself sniffing and licking through the satin, eager for a taste. Adair’s balls weren’t as constrained by the sexy shorts he was wearing, and Vassago found his desire for flesh there, in the heavy globes that escaped the material.

A steady hand threaded through the longer locks of his hair. Someone was enjoying his efforts and for some reason that caused Vassago’s heart to flutter. He licked and sucked the wrinkled skin he found, his nose nudging more of the material aside with every pass. Adair moaned and his hips gave a thrust, as though longing for friction on his dick. Vassago was happy to give it to him.

With careful hands, Vassago peeled back the cloth holding Adair’s cock hostage, unwilling to let such a defining moment be reduced to magic. Adair’s cock fell forward, slapping him lightly on his face, and Vassago was quick to encase one of the biggest cockheads he’d ever seen.

Adair wasn’t cut, indicating he was probably a lot older than he looked, but Vassago didn’t mind at all. Resting one hand on a thick thigh muscle, he wrapped the other around the base of Adair’s cock, feeling the vitality of his mate’s sex through his fingers. His tongue buried inside the copious foreskin, eager for more of Adair’s sweet/salty taste combination. When he’d cleaned all he could find, Vassago hollowed his cheeks and sunk his head, taking in as much of Adair’s length as he could. He didn’t think he’d get the whole lot in, not this first time round. But by the Fates he would devote a lifetime to trying.

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