Calming The Enforcer

Book 4 The Cloverleah Pack Series, by Lisa Oliver

Calming the EnforcerARE


Troy Peterson has been waiting three long months for his true mate to return from his deployment in the US Army.  But when Anton doesn’t turn up as planned, Troy starts to second guess everything he knows about his mate – and that’s before he has even met him.

Anton Sage fully intended on meeting Troy, the moment his ninety days service was up.  But the Army had different ideas and now Anton is  sitting in his wolf form, in a cage, wondering if he will ever get the chance to meet the man Fate intended for him.

Even after they meet, things do not go well.  Between the Army, the mysterious Kylan, another wolf with the hots for Troy, an overbearing friend, and some old fashioned mis-understandings, Troy and Anton might never have the happily ever after they had dreamed of. Sometimes the mating gift can prove to be a curse.

Warning:  This book is about two male wolf shifters.  It includes Fated mates, graphic gay sex, and references to BDSM, PTSD and cutting.  Some foul language and violence.


Troy hurried to stand in front of the two men, his head pounding. For one brief moment in the office he had thought that Anton had finally arrived, but a quick glance at the two men waiting for him quickly dispelled him of that hope.  His heart sunk in his boots and he tried not to the let the deep disappointment he was feeling, show on his face. He had absolutely no idea what military men would be doing looking for him, but they might have news of what had happened to his man.  Troy would listen to what they had to say.  He was grateful when he felt Kane’s solid presence on one side of him and Shawn’s, the Alpha Mate, on the other.

“Troy Peterson?”  The smaller of the two men spoke.


“My name is Major James Harding.  This is Second Lieutenant Charles Frost.  I understand you are married to Captain Anton Sage?”

Troy stifled his gasp of surprise.  Anton must have listed him as his next of kin – but to name him as his husband was unusual even given the repeal of DADT. However, he wasn’t going to have that discussion with these two men in front of him.

“That’s correct.” Troy couldn’t help the snap in his words, but there was something about Harding’s manner that put Troy on edge.  The guy clearly didn’t approve of same sex marriages, if the lemon sucking look on his lips was any indication.

Harding stepped forward and handed Troy an envelope bearing the Military logo.  Then looking at a point somewhere over Troy’s shoulder, the man said, “I regret to inform you that your husband, Captain Anton Sage, is missing, presumed dead.  Unfortunately, due to the confidential nature of his assignment, we are unable to provide further details.  However, please be assured that the United States Army has done everything in its power to locate and retrieve Captain Sage. We are sorry that we were unsuccessful.”

The entire workshop went silent for a moment before Troy burst out, “BULLSHIT.”

Adult Excerpt

“Fuck it all, mate, you are a truly gorgeous hunk of man,” Anton said appreciatively, as he ran his hands down Troy’s well defined oblique muscles.  While Troy blushed at the compliment, it didn’t stop him shifting Anton’s hands to a more prominent part of his body.

“Three days of fucking foreplay, mate of mine, and not being able to do anything about it,” Troy whispered harshly in his ear, his voice raspy with want. “If you’re not inside me in the next five minutes I will be seriously questioning your technique.”

Anton growled.  Although thrilled with Troy’s assertiveness and obvious need, he was used to being in control in all situations in the bedroom.  But then Troy cupped his balls and gently gave them a squeeze and suddenly being in charge and setting his own pace didn’t seem so important.  Getting deep inside of his mate was.

“Bedroom,” he snarled before he plundered Troy’s mouth with his own.  Fuck, he could kiss his mate for hours, the sensations were so good.  Troy’s mouth was made for kissing – firm and full lips leading to a deep warm cavern that begged to be filled with fingers, tongue or cock.  Fully intending to test that theory later, Anton pulled away from Troy just long enough to say again, “Bedroom.”

Clearly dazed, Troy just looked at Anton a moment, and then turned and headed down a short hallway. Anton had enough time to register warm tones, a huge window of glass and some splashes of yellow, before his attention was drawn to the tantalizing sight of Troy bent over the bed, his ass tilted up as though waiting for his mate’s inspection.

“Oh fuck me dead,” Anton whispered as he moved quickly to stand behind Troy.

“Well, that’s partially the right idea,” Troy grinned as he thrust a tube back into Anton’s hands.  “But the fuck me will do for now.”

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