Don’t Tempt Fate

The Cloverleah Pack Series #11









Pack enforcer, Marius Reef has a lot on his mind. Life in Cloverleah has been quiet for months; giving him too much time to think. He still suffers nightmares from his father’s abuse decades ago and now his brothers are mated, he is struggling to find and keep his place in the pack. Determined to be useful, his waking hours are spent patrolling the pack’s territory but at night his dreams are haunted by a hunky blond, so perfect he couldn’t exist in real life.

As the Battle Lord for his people, Cathair is used to being sent from the elven realm to dispel injustices found on many realms including earth. Guided by the Seers, he’s never questioned his assignments before. But when his father, the High Elder insists he must take a message to a tiny pack in the middle of nowhere, and actually stay with them, he puts up a token protest. His place was on the elven realm, wasn’t it?

Prophecies and kidnappings, the evil that stalks Cloverleah is getting closer and all will be affected. Plagued with troubles and misunderstandings on both realms, Marius and Cathair must forge a bond or the whole pack could be lost. But when trouble comes from one of their own, the two men reach a crossroads. Will they choose the right path or will the fate of the Cloverleah pack be doomed?

This is an M/M story that includes some violence, references to past abuse and a scene of attempted rape (not between MCs). Like all of my books, it has an HEA, no cheating and no cliffhanger. However, the epilogue sets the scene for the next book in the series.

This book is part of a series and while this story is based on one couple and is complete in itself; to appreciate the over-arching story line and the stories behind the secondary characters, reading the previous books in order is advised.


“I’ve dreamed about you, you know,” Marius said as he felt a large presence suddenly appear behind him and his nose was filled with an intoxicating scent. He knew in his gut the elf would find him. “Is that an elven thing? Projecting desires into dreams before you find your hapless mate.”

“You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” Cathair’s voice was low and husky without the growl Marius was used to. “I’m not aware of a dream scenario or anything else associated with true mates. But then I’m young in elven terms. It’s possible my father might have advised me on such a thing if he’d felt I needed to be aware of it.”

“Young?” Marius tightened his arms around his chest, resisting the urge to turn around. He knew if he did he’d be humping the huge hunk like there was no tomorrow. His wolf and cock were certainly keen enough especially with the scent of jasmine and musk holding him captive. “Young is such a relative term when it comes to paranormals, don’t you think? How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“I’m one thousand and forty-two, and you can ask me anything.”

Oh, my fucking god. Marius was a reasonable age in shifter terms; older than Kane and Griff at eighty-two. “Were there still dinosaurs around when you were born?” Marius slapped his hand over his mouth as soon as the words were out, but it was too late.

Cathair chuckled. “I think my grandfather might have kept a couple as pets. But no, I’ve never seen one, much to my regret.”

He has a sense of humor at least. Marius’s whole body trembled with the effort not to turn. He knew, he just knew that if he turned around, his whole life as he knew it would be over.
“Tell me about these dreams.” Marius recognized the lowered tone for what it was. This man should never be allowed to speak. He’s too fucking sexy.

“They’re nothing,” Marius waved his hand without looking over his shoulder. “Ignore me. I’m just rambling. Shouldn’t you be at the pack dinner? Some of the unmated enforcers dressed up just for your benefit.”

“And yet you didn’t.” Marius was never more conscious of his worn jeans. “Those jeans do amazing things for your ass, pup.”

Pup? Marius whirled around in anger. “I’m no pup!” He snarled. “I’ll be eighty-three years old next month; old enough to be an elder by wolf shifter standards. Just because you’re almost old enough to be fossilized doesn’t mean you get the right to tease me about my age.”

“It got you to turn around and face me, didn’t it?”

Oh no, that’s so unfair. No one should have a lethal smile like that. Marius knew he was sunk even as his hand reached out, as if under a spell to touch the glow of Cathair’s silvery wings. He tried to pull back, but Cathair’s hand snapped out, grasping him by the wrist. “You can touch, mate of mine. You can touch me anywhere you like.”

Adult Excerpt

Cathair wasn’t disappointed at being the bottom in his new relationship for the foreseeable future. He was confident in his powers of seduction and from the way Marius reacted, he’d bet everything he owned the precious man had never been rimmed or had a clue how enjoyable ass play could be. He’d been with men before who never had anal and never wanted to try, and that hadn’t bothered him either although they were only short-term lovers. Marius was his mate, but that worked in his favor. Instead of bemoaning what he might be missing, at least until he’d have a chance to pull out the charm, Cathair focused on the pleasure Marius was pulling from his body.

There was a lot to enjoy. Freed from whatever thoughts had been plaguing him, Marius set out to prove why wolf shifters were renowned throughout the paranormal world for their sexual prowess. Sharp teeth made Cathair’s nipples sit up and beg for more. His skin became littered with hickeys as Marius sniffed out his hot spots and tortured them with strong fingers and a cunning mouth.

By the time Marius reached the base of his dick, Cathair was cursing up a storm, desperate to come. His breath came out in a whoosh as his cock was encased in Marius’s hot mouth – not an ounce of hesitation. Cathair spread his legs, the warm stickiness between his butt cheeks letting him know his magic was doing its job. Rather than be nervous; Cathair had anticipated this moment for centuries; he reveled in the way Marius made him feel. Ever since he’d been told by the Seers his mate would be a strong wolf, he knew, deep in his heart, his anal virginity was worth saving.

And it was. Marius’s fingers probing his insides was a foreign feeling but not unpleasant. Cathair spread his legs wider, trying to arch up into the strong suction around his dick. He was so close…so close, but he didn’t want to come until his mate was inside him.

“Do it,” he muttered through clenched teeth. “Do it now before I come.”

Marius slurped up Cathair’s cock as though it was his favorite treat. “I’ll swallow it next time,” he said. Cathair could see the wolf in his mate’s eyes and braced himself but Marius was gentle with him, hefting his thighs as though they were nothing, his thick cock gently nudging against his entrance.

“You don’t have to go slow.” Cathair’s orgasm was within touching distance.

Marius grinned and Cathair caught the hint of fangs. Having never been bitten, he wondered if it would hurt. But as Marius gently worked his cock into Cathair’s willing body, he decided it really didn’t matter. He could handle anything if it meant his mate would stay by his side. There was a dull ache in the pit of his stomach as Marius pushed inside; but no pain. Magic had its uses. With a long sigh, Marius buried himself to the hilt and froze. With his head thrown back, his braids cascading down his shoulders, Cathair couldn’t see his face. But Marius’s chest was heaving and his ass muscles were tight.

“Too good,” Marius gasped as he righted his head again. “You feel incredible.”

Cathair could echo the sentiments; he felt incredible. Everything from Marius’s strong hands cupped around his thighs, to the way his length fit inside him like a glove. Tugging on his own spit-polished cock, Cathair growled, “Move.”

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