Fae For All

Book 6 – The Cloverleah Pack



Can be read as a standalone

Jax Cooper never planned to meet his mates.  A strong wolf shifter, who keeps his Fae heritage hidden, all Jax wants to do is keep his pack safe and his secrets tucked away. But when men turn up from another pack, all intent on stealing the two men Jax knows to be his, then Jax’s wolf has a hard time controlling himself.

Aelfric and Fafnir have been together for three hundred years.  Not that unusual for two Sidhe Fae princes.  Having known since puberty that their third destined mate was a wolf shifter, they are overjoyed when Dean, the sweet Omega from the Cloverleah pack gets in touch with them to let them know some possible mates have been found. Hurrying to the Cloverleah Pack, the two men not only find their mate, but also find out that the Cloverleah pack is in trouble – and it’s coming from all sides.

Trying to keep his head, and his mates, Jax has to rely on his friends from the pack to keep things safe.  Between two other packs, vampires, the Shifter Council and the Fae Council all trying to intervene in what should be a simple mating process Jax has to wonder if keeping the two beautiful men, destined to be his, is worth losing his life over.

Warning: This is an m/m/m story – it contains  strong language, some violence, and acts of male on male sex. This work of fiction includes a beautiful blond Fae with a tendency to have tantrums, a strong wolf shifter who would never describe himself as a nice person and a dark haired Fae who is desperately trying to hold them all together.


Prologue – three months before
Jax closed the bedroom door leaving Dean and Matthew to their privacy for a few moments.  There was a part of him that almost resented the two men and the closeness they shared – Damn pack members were meeting their mates all over the place. Not for the first time in as many weeks, Jax regretted his decision to join the Cloverleah pack.  He might be a wolf shifter, but he wasn’t a pack sort of guy – he had been alone for so long he had almost forgotten what being a part of a pack could be like, even one as small as Cloverleah.
The only reason he was in Cloverleah was because Diablo had offered him a job with his new business. Diablo the sinfully beautiful ex-FBI agent and resident cat shifter, and, coincidentally was the only person in existence who knew most of Jax’s secrets.  Jax was happy working at the security company Diablo now owned with his husband, wolf shifter Griff.  But then Troy had got in trouble with his mate, Anton, and the pack needed someone with up to date military knowledge, and because Jax had been drooling over Troy from afar for ages, he jumped into the pack with both feet to help out.
Yeah, and look where that ended up.  Sure Troy and his mate Anton had more than a few problems at the start, but they were all rosy sweet on each other now.  It plain curdled Jax’s stomach to see the two men together. Troy deserved so much better than Anton. The guy was just so damned nice, and Anton…well, he had spent too many years in the military to be anything more than a killing machine. Like Jax, Anton had been a black ops soldier for most of his adult life and Jax knew personally that nothing positive came out of those types of experiences. The PTSD that Jax had faked to get out of the army was very real for Anton, and…yes, well nothing good came from that line of thinking, Jax reminded himself.  Next it was Dean and Matthew’s turn to mate, and now…Yep, the whole fated mating business plain sucked in Jax’s opinion.
Snorting to himself, Jax wandered down the hallway of the huge pack house, clutching a piece of paper in his hand.  Since that one long moment in the bedroom before, Jax had resisted looking at it again, not sure if he could hide the emotions that flooded his body when he caught sight of the two men in the picture Dean had drawn.  One tall with long dark hair, the other one the same height with long blond tresses that Jax could imagine would flow down the man’s slender back. Aelfric and Fafnir. Two faces so alike and so devastatingly beautiful, it would make a mortal man’s eyes hurt.  And alongside the beautiful images, the stark depiction of a mating mark that burned inside Jax’s brain.

Dean’s words teased Jax’s memory. “They’ve been looking for three hundred years.  Until they met me, no wolf shifter would even go near them. I just thought, if I sent to the picture to the packs we know, that maybe someone would recognize the mark and come forward…” And without thinking of the consequences Jax had offered to send the picture out to all of the packs in the US, just to keep the little omega happy.

“You’re getting soft old man,” Jax muttered to himself as he headed off to find a computer.  He had a bit of time before the next pack meeting and he could start getting the picture out to all of the other packs, just like he promised.  He was a man of his word after all. And he was damned good at keeping his emotions to himself, regardless of what they were.

Adult Excerpt

Loving Jax’s focus, Fafnir waved his hands removing Jax’s clothing.  The big man barely blinked, just carried on physically removing Aelfric’s shirt and pants, laying kisses and bites over every inch of skin revealed. Fafnir decided to do some loving of his own.  Sitting to the side he stroked one hand over Aelfric, finding all those little spots that used to drive his mate wild.  The other hand was firmly around Jax’s cock that honestly, didn’t need any stimulation – the man was as hard as a rock, his pre-come coating the head.

“Faf, precious, can you prepare yourself for Aelfric’s cock?” Jax’s deep voice cut through the moans, groans and gasps.

Fafnir looked up and winked at Jax as he waved his hand, his ass suddenly feeling loose and warm.  Fuck, that was an amazing feeling and while Fafnir couldn’t deny the regular way was just as much fun, the immediate sensation of warm lube over intimate muscles was definitely awesome.

Picking Aelfric up, Jax indicated for Fafnir to lie on the bed. For a moment Fafnir debated – front or back?  Deciding the sight of both of his lovers was too perfect to miss, Fafnir settled himself on his back, looking upwards at Jax and Aelfric.  Jax had one arm around Aelfric’s chest and his other hand cupped around Aelfric’s cock.

His head close to Aelfric’s ear, Jax said, “You want him, don’t you blondie. You want this cock of yours deep inside your Fae mate. You’ve wanted that for the longest time, and here he is all stretched out and waiting for you.  Tell me you want him.”

“Fates yes,” Aelfric moaned, trying to reach down to touch Fafnir’s body, but Jax held him just out of range.

“And me?” Jax asked, thrusting his hips against Aelfric’s pale behind. “Do you want me inside of you?”

“Please Jax, please fill me up, take me, claim me all over again.”

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