Getting Close to the Omega

Book 5, The Cloverleah Pack Series, By Lisa Oliver

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Dean Weir has finally found happiness in his position as Omega wolf of the Cloverleah pack. He has his friends, his work and his art and he has never looked for anything else. Badly abused by his ex-home pack and Alpha, Dean keeps his head down and stays out of trouble. That is, until his mate joins the pack.

Matthew Charmichael is over a hundred years old and has been a lone wolf for longer than he can remember. Joining the Cloverleah pack after he heard they were having trouble with another wolf shifter, Matthew is overjoyed to find his mate is the cute little Omega of the small pack. But Dean’s past, and the constant attacks on the pack from the mysterious Kylan, could mean that Matthew and Dean won’t get their HEA after all. Can Dean overcome his past, and embrace the powers that a claimed Omega is purported to have, or will his ex-pack kill him before he and Matthew have a chance.


From the gaunt look on Dean’s face as the man came to stand in front of him, it would seem the man had not been eating and Matthew’s need to look after his mate sprung up out of nowhere. Thinner than he had been three nights ago, Dean still looked amazing to Matthew.  His trim body, hidden by a baggy t-shirt and even baggier jeans, still shone through as the man moved. Matthew forced himself not to adjust his cock in his own tight jeans, biting his inner lip as his dick connected with his zipper.

“Hi,” said Dean in a rush, “I’m not sure if you remember me – Dean? From the dinner the other night. Yes, well, I have to go to town to get some supplies and, well Kane said I was supposed to have someone with me if I went anywhere. But I can see you’re comfortable and all that, on the couch and probably relaxing and I don’t want to bother you. So can you just let Kane know I am at the art store and I’ll be back in an hour? I’m sure I will be fine. Thank you.”

As soon as he finished talking, Dean turned to go and Matthew quickly got to his feet. He had only been sitting on the couch because it was close to the front door and the main stairs.  He had worked out it was the best place to be close to his mate, barring sitting outside of the man’s bedroom door.  Because that would be just freaky. But Matthew was bored out of his skull and desperate to spend time with Dean.  So if Dean thought he was sauntering out of the door without him, well his little mate was going to be in for a big surprise. Dean wasn’t going anywhere without him.

“Dean,” he said, his deep voice probably giving away more emotion than he was comfortable in sharing.  He was aroused, but he was also pissed off that his little mate thought he could just wander into town against the Alpha’s orders and with no thought to his safety, and the Omega had clearly not been eating.  Dean stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn around so Matthew stepped over to him, standing between him and the door, forcing a calmness he didn’t feel.

“Kane said you aren’t to go anywhere on your own,” he said quietly.  “If you will give me a minute, I will get my wallet and come with you.”

Not bothering to see if Dean agreed or not, Matthew sprinted up the stairs to his room.  As he grabbed his wallet off the bag at the foot of the bed, he caught sight of his face in the mirror.  The wicked grin might not be appropriate, he reminded himself as he headed back out of the door.

Adult Excerpt

That wasn’t self-inflicted by a knife.  That scar was caused by someone’s claws. That had been the arm that Dean was rubbing when he was thinking about his past, and Matthew guessed Dean’s previous Alpha was responsible. Determined to ignore it for now, because in Matthew’s eyes it didn’t make Dean any less beautiful, Matthew decided that Dean needed to know that.

“Your skin is like polished marble,” he said in a deliberately deep husky voice. Dean had moved closer to him and was running his hands up the insides of Matthew’s thighs. Feeling his cock jump in anticipation Matthew closed his eyes and continued talking softly, just focusing on Dean’s touch. “I look at your lovely definition and want to run my tongue over every dip and groove. I’m looking forward to the time when you will trust me with your nakedness, so I can worship every inch of your skin and show you with my hands, and my tongue, and my body just how beautiful you look to me.”

Dean’s hands skimmed the side of his cock and Matthew had to stop for a moment, and force back his instant need to climax. After the long slow build up and what felt like hours of delicate touches, Matthew knew he was a powder keg ready to go off. As he felt one strong hand grip around the base of his shaft, while a teasing finger rubbed lightly over the head of his cock, Matthew urgently fisted the sheets, determined not to stop his mate’s deliberate exploration.

But nothing could stop the guttural moan wrenched from his throat, when Matthew felt the unmistakable glide of Dean’s tongue across his slit.

“Fuck, Dean, please.” He didn’t know what he was asking for, but Matthew wasn’t ashamed to beg. Not when his little mate was lapping at his slit as though he was trying to get every drop of Matthew’s sticky wetness. His grip on the coverlet was so tight he was sure he would rip it, but he didn’t dare move a muscle in case his mate stopped. Dean’s tongue was now working its way around his glans and then stopped as Dean nibbled his frenulum.

Opening his eyes caused another flood of sensations.  The sight of his mate, his one and only, bent over his hips, gently tonguing his cock was too much for Matthew’s control. “Little one, I’m going to…” was all he managed before he felt Dean’s warm mouth close over the head of his cock and that was it. Moaning Dean’s name as pleasure rocked though his body Matthew came in the most intense orgasm of his very long life, his mate catching every drop.

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  1. Caligirl

    My favorite scene was when Dean laid into his Alpha, Kane when Kane had told him that he COULD NOT mate with Matthew!! A close second was when Shawn, Kane’s Mate cut his ass off!! I cried when Dean was letting the memories of what happened to him go thru his link with Matthew. I cried so damned hard…

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