Never Go Back

Book 3.5 Cloverleah Pack Series, by Lisa Oliver

Never go BackARE


Damien, Alpha of the San Antonio pack had thought it was an awesome idea to take his mate, Scott, back to his ex-home pack to catch up with his parents and ex-Alpha. He had assumed that his power as a wolf, and the fact that he was from such a large pack would guarantee both men a good time.

A homophobic Alpha and a disgruntled mother are just two of the problems the men face. In fact if Damien isn’t careful his mate might not make it back to Texas alive.

Included as a free read – Malacai Finds His Mate

Malacai, Second in the San Antonio Pack has waited over eighty years to find his true mate. When he and his Alpha Damien rescue a young shifter from a hole under a kitchen he never believed his search was finally over. Unfortunately life has a habit of intervening and the path to his HEA was going to take a lot more work than he had bargained on.

This is Book 3.5 of the Cloverleah Pack series and is based on the characters in Book 3 (When No Doesn’t Cut It). While it contains enough back story to be read as a standalone, if you want to know more about the characters then please read Books 1 – 3.

Book One – The Reluctant Wolf – Kane and Shawn

Book Two – The Runaway Cat – Griff and Diablo

Book Three – When No Doesn’t Cut It – Damien and Scott

Warning: This book is about gay wolf shifters. It contains some violence, male-male sexual acts, anal intercourse, oral sex and rimming. If you object to these things please look elsewhere for your reading pleasure.


Struggling into his clothes, Scott smirked up at Damien who was sitting on the back seat again, watching Scott’s antics.

“I could really do with a shower,” he said hopefully.  Damien reached over and cupped Scott’s face with one hand.  Scott leaned into the warmth, appreciating the solid strength Damien’s fingers represented.

“Whatever you want, love,” Damien rumbled quietly.

“Are you okay?”  Scott asked, tilting his head to the side as he searched Damien’s face.  Damien’s face was a lot more solemn than Scott would have expected, given what they had just been doing.

“Yes,” Damien said just as softly. “I just…er…I just wanted to say that I was sorry,” he said, the last part coming out in a rush.  “I shouldn’t have got jealous about those men in the club, and I shouldn’t be jealous of who you have had before.  It’s just if I think about it at all, I get so hot and antsy inside and…”

“And your wolf wants to come out and tear innocent humans to shreds, and you want to lock me up in your bedroom, preferably tied down, so that you always know where I am and you never want anyone to see my naked body again,” Scott finished for him with a laugh.

“Yeah, I guess.” Damien was studiously looking at the carpet on the floor of the SUV.  Shuffling over to him on his knees, Scott tipped Damien’s head up gently and looked him straight in the eyes.

“I understand you going all Alpha on me sometimes,” he said.  “I know as well as any wolf how hard it is to think about your fated mate being sexual with someone else.  But that was my point in the club, lover.  I see your sexual conquests every day.  In the pack.  In the club.  I know they don’t mean anything but it doesn’t make things any easier on me or my feelings of possessiveness.  But I have to learn to deal with it and on this trip, so do you.  If we do visit other packs and clubs then chances are we will come across other men that we have been with in the past.  The operative word here my love is that it is in the past and you have to deal with it, same as I do.”

“I get it, I really do,” Damien said.  “But I can’t apologize for being who I am.”

“And who you are, is amazing,” Scott assured him. “Just try and pour that excess Alpha-ness into something positive, instead of griping at me.”

“Like having sex with you,” Damien suggested with a smirk. “You seem to like a spot of Alpha-ness then.”

“Oh I do, my lover,” Scott assured him as they stepped out of the SUV and headed for the lifts that would take them to their hotel suite.  “I certainly do.”

Adult Excerpt

At the first touch of Elijah’s lips, Malacai let out a deep groan and any thoughts about the club, the masses of people surrounding them, and even the fact that he had let his mate down, all flew out of his brain.  He slid his hands down to cup Elijah’s tight little ass, and shit-a-brick the man’s globes fit perfectly in his hands.  Tilting his hands up he wordlessly encouraged Elijah to wrap his legs around Malacai’s hips.  The additional friction between their bodies caused both men to moan – barely heard under the thump of the club music and the noise of the people around them, but heartfelt all the same.

Unable to help himself, Malacai rocked into the man he was wearing, desperate for more friction, for more anything. Elijah felt perfect in his arms and he just wanted to be inside of his mate.  Fortunately Malacai still had enough brain cells working to stop himself from tearing Elijah’s leather pants from his hips – he didn’t want his mate’s naked body exposed to anybody else, but he needed – fuck he needed.

Looking for as much connection as possible Malacai caught Elijah’s mouth in a frantic kiss, his tongue forcing it way into Elijah’s mouth, his lips, his own tongue, fuck it even his teeth, all claiming Elijah’s mouth in a burning possessive act that bordered on brutality. Indeed if Elijah had been human, it would have been considered too much, but Malacai was confident in his mate’s strength as a wolf shifter and fuck it all, the man was giving back as good as he was given.  Tongues dueling, teeth knocking and lips bruising each other, each man pushed their way to an inevitable conclusion.  Far before he was ready Malacai felt his orgasm growing.  Spine tingling, every nerve ending in his body alive and kicking, Malacai succumbed to his mate’s taste, touch, smell and sounds, his cock exploding in his leathers – something that hadn’t happened in more than eighty years.

Desperately panting for breath, slowly Malacai’s awareness of the club and the people around them slowly returned.  Looking down at Elijah’s face, he could see that the man was beet red and the smell of Elijah’s climax filled his nostrils. The man was more than a little embarrassed and Malacai quickly fixed a grin on his face.

“Damn beautiful, I haven’t creamed my pants in eighty years,” he whispered in Elijah’s ear.  “You make me feel that good.”

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