Tangling With Bears

Book 8 – Cloverleah Pack

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Tobias tells himself he’s having fun. He has a great life as a beta in the Cloverleah Pack, and while danger still threatens the pack, he has his friend’s wedding to look forward to, and the pleasures that come from hookups in random places. He’d like to meet his mate, just so he’s not the odd one out in the inner circle, but it’s not something he’s expecting anytime soon. So when a hookup just before the wedding leaves Tobias with a permanent scar, he wonders where the heck his life went wrong. Especially when the man responsible for the wicked set of tooth marks, disappeared after the deed was done, to ring a man called Kurt.

Kurt and Luke have been mated for three years. As bear shifters, Kurt has known from puberty that he will have two mates and once he’d claimed Luke, his mama warned him to be on the look out for a human female. So when Luke rings him and lets him know he might have accidentally on purpose bitten a wolf shifter, from some town they’d never heard of, Kurt heads to Cloverleah to sort out the mess.

Sorting out their mating is just one of the things the three men have to contend with. A magic user has stepped up his game and no where on packlands seems safe. When Tobias gets taken, Kurt and Luke are helpless to do anything about it. It’s going to take the power of the pack before life will be safe again, for any of them.

Warning: Contains scenes of M/M and M/M/M sex. It also contains a special kind of bear, his grumpy mate, and a wolf that just wants to be loved. HEA and no cheating guaranteed.

While this book can be read as standalone, you will understand more about the secondary characters in the book, if you have read the others in the series.


“Kurt, oh my god Kurt….”

“Little bear, is everything okay? I sensed your distress. Are you hurt? Where are you?”

Luke breathed a sigh of relief, Kurt’s deep voice making the world seem like a more manageable place again. “I’m just outside of a tiny little town, Cloverleah, I think it’s called. But Kurt, I found him, at least I think it was him, because I got hard, and he felt so good, and I just wanted to rub all over his sexy body, and when he came…”

“Luke. Stop. Focus.”

Focus. Kurt was right. Luke knew he had a tendency to run on about things sometimes.

“I’m sorry,” he said in a small voice.

“I’m not angry little bear,” and Luke could tell that Kurt wasn’t. Kurt never got angry with him, even that time when he thought he could microwave an entire jar full of honey so it would go soft, and forgot that the jar had a metal lid on it.

“Now start again, from the beginning. You met someone who made your cock hard?”

Luke took in a deep breath, his cock hardening again. “Yes.”

“And then what happened?”

“He was in the shower, here at the truck stop. He was fondling his pretty cock, and his body was all slim but muscled and the water was just streaming down, and my cock was so hard I thought it would burst out of my pants, so I took them off, because it hurt, you know. And I don’t think he heard me, but I just had to grab him, and then…”

“Breathe little bear.” Yeah, that probably would be a good idea. Luke took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“That’s good, babe, now, I presume you got in the shower with him.”

“Yes, but I took my clothes off first.” Luke remembered that Kurt wouldn’t like the idea of him wandering around wearing wet clothes. He did tend to forget things like that sometimes, especially if the salmon were running.

“That’s good, so then what happened? You grabbed him. Did you frighten him?”

“No!” Luke stared at the phone, wishing Kurt could see his face. He never intentionally frightened anyone, except that one time, and that was the night Kurt came and saved him…

“Don’t let your mind wander off track.” Kurt knew him so well.

“I didn’t frighten him, he leaned on me, and he let me play with him, and his cock just fit in my hand, and he smelled so good, like honey and chocolate all melted together, and I couldn’t help myself, his ass was right there…”

“He let you have sex with him?”

“I didn’t want to do that without you there. I just rubbed on him lots, and with the water and the smell, and when his cock spurted out…”

“I get the picture, little bear and it’s all right.”

“So he must be our mate, right?” Kurt wasn’t upset with him, that was the main thing.

“You would’ve gotten sick, and you definitely wouldn’t get a hard on with anyone else but our mate – I’ve told you that before. So yes, the man is our mate.” Kurt sounded so confident and Luke sighed and smiled, even though he knew Kurt couldn’t see him. Kurt knew about so much, and he would make sure everything was okay.

“Where is the man now and what’s his name?”

Oops. “I don’t know what his name is,” Luke yelled as he leapt up, leaving the rubbish on the ground, and his truck unlocked. “I left him in the bathroom.”

Adult Excerpt

Closing his eyes and letting the heat of the water sear his back, Tobias’s mind flashed back to a couple of weeks before. One of his favorite fantasies was with him on all fours; a ruggedly beautiful Fae pounding his ass, while his mouth was wrapped around the more than generous cock of another. Connor and Fergus weren’t mates, weren’t even destined for the triad situation that Jax and his two Fae mates had found themselves in. But the ease with which they had wrestled control from Tobias, and the coordination of their sexy efforts had Tobias suspecting that it wasn’t their first time double teaming someone.

His groan resounded around the bathroom as he pictured the look on Fergus’s face when the man had grabbed his hair in both hands, rocking into his mouth, while his friend was taking no prisoners with his back end. He could smell the lust from both Fae, sense it in their brutish motions, the catch of their breath…

“Fuck you smell good enough to eat.”

What the hell? Tobias tensed as arms with biceps the size of basketballs, one tattooed and the other tanned were suddenly around Tobias’s chest, one hand unerringly finding his cock, the other holding him close. “Let me help you with that,” the mellow voice purred in his ear, and after a moment’s hesitation, Tobias relaxed. It was what he’d come to the bathroom to find after all, and even if the man behind him was bigger than him, Tobias was a wolf with plenty of experience in getting out of tight situations. He could smell nothing but the scents of bleach and a faint trace of the shampoo he’d been using, but it didn’t matter. The hand around his cock was calloused and definitely knew what it was doing. More importantly it wasn’t his, and while Tobias was highly conscious of a slab of meat that defied description rubbing the cleft in his ass, he didn’t sense anything dangerous in the man and from the man’s grunts, groans and sheer babble as he was rutted against, the guy wasn’t looking for penetrative sex.

“Fuck, I never thought…oh my Gods it’s…damn, your body feels so good….” Swell, the guy was a talker. A talker with a huge body, an impressive cock and what appeared to be a decent set of abs on him, but Tobias kept his eyes closed and focused on the hand – the hand that was bringing him closer to orgasm faster than any set of fingers and palm had a right to. He rocked into it, the cock riding his crease following his every move.

Now the guy was grunting again. Meaty grunts that came from the bottom of a big man’s chest. The rutting against his ass had increased, the hand manipulating his cock matching the pace. Tobias couldn’t help himself; he leaned against solid muscles, his eyes still shut, riding the sensations, ignoring the cause. The guy that would remain nameless seemed to be turbo charging his way to orgasm and all Tobias could feel was the grip on his cock tightening, the grunts in his ear and the flex of the man’s thighs against his. It was as if the mountain of a man was trying to get inside of him, and somehow, that unadulterated passion, the sheer need coming from the man who was holding him, was banishing the emptiness that Tobias had lived with for so long. Like a big-assed wave, Tobias rode the sensations, his own pleasure rising until…

One orgasm, his; a second orgasm splashed against his back from the guy with the amazing hand and then…fuck me dead, the guy’s a biter and what a bite! Tobias bit his lip to stop his howl escaping. Mother of God he had never come so hard in his life. Spunk was pulsing from his cock with no end in sight, and from the warmth he could feel on his back, his companion was going through a similar feeling. Then, before Tobias had a chance to enjoy the afterglow, the thick cock, the competent hand and the big-assed body were gone. Tobias fell back against the tiles, unable to support his weight, looking around in shock.

“Oh my God…where’s my phone…Kurt…got to ring Kurt. Fuck it. Must have left it in the truck. I gotta get my phone.”

Brilliant hazel eyes, almost golden stared at him in panic. The guy was a looker – long black hair in disarray, a wide full mouth built for taking cock, a small goatee surrounded lush lips. The only thing marring an otherwise perfect face was a bump on the man’s nose – clearly been broken. Tattoos covered almost one half of the man’s impressive body – a full sleeve, one half chest, thigh and even down the man’s leg. Tobias felt a smirk hit his lips. Oh to have the time to explore those tattoos.

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