The Runaway Cat

Book 2 – The Cloverleah Pack Series, by Lisa Oliver



Griff Matthews knew he looked like trouble but for a wolf shifter mechanic he was fairly laid back most of the time.  Pleased that his Alpha was finally settled with his new mate, Griff longs to meet the man of his dreams.  Little did he know he would find it that same evening, when he was too drunk to realize that his good looking hook-up was actually his mate.  Problem is when he woke up sober his bed was empty.

Derrick “Diablo” Franklin was just looking for a hook up with a like minded shifter.  The sexy cat shifter was deep undercover for the FBI and although his case was coming to an end, he had hopes for his career that didn’t involve finding a mate.  However after meeting Griff Diablo realized his plans might have to change.

But nothing is easy for the two men as they battle the FBI, a crime lord from Baton Rouge and a host of contenders looking to take Diablo away from Griff.  And just who is Angel Bandures?

Please note this is book two of the Cloverleah Pack series.  It can be read as a standalone, but you will learn more about the characters and story line if you read book one, The Reluctant Wolf as well.

Warning: Some people may find the content of this book objectionable.  Includes m/m, graphic sexual situations, a few BDSM elements (not related to actual sexual scenes), strong language and a wolf and a cat that are looking for their own happily ever after.


“What’s got your face looking all dreamy?”  Diablo asked.  Griff indicated to Kane and Shawn with his beer bottle.

“That’s my Alpha, Kane and his mate Shawn.  They have only been together a few months, but man they move well together.”

Diablo turned to look at the two men on the dance floor.  Unlike the other couples and groups who were rutting, bumping and grinding with desperation, these two stood out with the sensuality of their movements.  Slow and unhurried the two were totally fixated on each other.  Diablo watched as the taller man, Kane he presumed, took his head out of his mate’s hair to say something.  In one quick moment he saw both of the men’s faces and the love that flowed between them was precious.  It was more than the fact that both men looked like sex on a stick, it was the feelings they obviously shared that made the scene so sensuous.  Diablo felt his own heart thump hard as he came to the stunning realization that he wanted something like that in his own life.

As Diablo watched he saw the smaller man’s hand run down his mate’s behind to grab a foreign hand that was groping Kane’s ass.  Without breaking a step and staying totally focused on Kane, Shawn grabbed the intruder’s fingers and snapped them.  The intruder scurried back clasping his broken fingers in his good hand.  Diablo looked at Griff in amazement.

“Did he just…?”

Grinning Griff said, “Yep, Shawn doesn’t like anyone touching his mate.  Kane had a bit of a past before he met Shawn, well quite a bit of one and some people haven’t got the message yet that Kane is definitely off the market.  Word is getting around though.”  He laughed, the chuckle coming from deep in his chest and while Diablo warmed to the sound, his cat appeared to want to wallow in it.

“And Kane doesn’t mind?”  Diablo knew that was a dumb question before he opened his mouth, but well, the words were out now.  Griff didn’t seem put out by it though.

“Shit no.  Kane loves that Shawn is possessive.  He feels the same way.”  Griff looked at Diablo intently. “They are true mates, see.  What the Fates have bought together.  Sure they have claimed each other and they even had an Alpha Mating ceremony, but there is so much more to them than that.  They connect in every way and that’s special.  There could never be another person for either one of them and they are perfectly happy with that.  Why, don’t you cats have the same thing?”

Adult Excerpt

Tongues dueling, gasps and moans rising, both men feasted on each other, rolling first one way and then the other as each man fought to find more of the other. Finally Diablo found himself on top and he sat up, his hips straddling Griff’s legs as he bent to undo Griff’s jeans.  Flushed beneath him, Griff raised his hips to allow Diablo to slide them down his legs, pulling off the man’s boots as he went.  Looking down at Griff’s long hard cock, purple and leaking against the man’s abs, Diablo groaned and bent forward to take it into his mouth.

Stretching his lips wide, he took it down in one go, swallowing to allow the length to fit down his throat.  Griff moaned long and loud and fisted the sheets, resisting the urge to thrust.  Fuck nothing in his life had ever felt so good.  He felt Diablo’s hands on his, moving them to his head, before Diablo swirled his mouth up and back down Griff’s cock, his tongue licking and lapping as he went.  Holding onto Diablo’s silken hair gently, Griff gently rocked into the man’s mouth, trying so hard to be careful but losing the battle fast.  Diablo moaned in encouragement and Griff thrust a little harder and Diablo took it, moving his mouth up and down Griff’s cock, continuously sucking and licking until Griff felt himself on the edge of coming.


Diablo nodded and pushed his mouth down hard over Griff’s cock, taking him to the hilt, his hands pulling at Griff’s ass to bring him even closer if that was possible.  Griff gave one short thrust and came long, loud and messy.  Diablo groaned himself as he tasted Griff’s come on his tongue and he swallowed again and again taking all of Griff’s essence deep inside himself.   Only when there was nothing more to be had, did Diablo sit up and look at the man underneath him.

God what a picture.  Griff’s eyes were half closed as he watched Diablo above him.  His heaving chest was surrounded by tattoos that came up Griff’s arms and swept down each side of Griff’s solid pectoral muscles.  Across Griff’s heart was the tattoo of a leaping black panther, its face grimaced, teeth flashing and its claws extended.  Diablo grinned at that but he had a more pressing need than to ask about tattoos.

Raising an eyebrow at Griff he said “good enough?” the rasp in his deep liquid silver voice the only indication of the lust he was still feeling.

“Definitely.”  Whoever said wolves couldn’t purr was so wrong.

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