When No Doesn’t Cut It

Book 3 – The Cloverleah Pack Series, by Lisa Oliver



Scott Peterson, beta wolf in the Cloverleah Pack, had a good life.  He loved his cars, riding his Harley, and going out with pack members and friends.  But when an attack on his pack by a bear shifter, brings his mate into his world, from Texas of all places, Scott realizes he could lose everything he ever held dear.

Damien, Alpha wolf of the San Antonio Pack, didn’t want to go to Cloverleah and definitely didn’t want to be chasing a rogue bear shifter that was threatening the Alpha of the Cloverleah Pack.  But he was in for a pleasant surprise when he finds his mate.  Now, if he could just find the time to enjoy him.

Between murderous bears, deceptive wolves, two packs and a BDSM club, the road to HEA is anything but smooth for Scott and Damien.  And then there’s a fire, and an Alpha Challenge, and let’s not forget Diablo and Griff’s wedding.  About the only thing Scott and Damien haven’t got is time to be together, and it is that lack of time that could pull them apart.

Warning.  This book is about gay wolf shifters.  It contains m/m anal and oral sex, rimming and a spanking scene.  There is also some violence, fighting wolves and a couple of deaths of minor characters.  Child Sexual Abuse is also referred to.  Please do not buy this book if these aspects offend you in any way.


Scott looked at Shawn, who was sitting across the table from Damien, with Kane at his side.  Both men looked really angry.

“What’s going on?”  Scott asked, even though he already knew.

It was Kane who answered, “Damien’s claim on you was forced in that you didn’t have any say in it.  That’s against pack law.  Troy has laid a complaint, and as your Alpha I have backed that complaint, on the basis that you don’t know this man, he wasn’t having sex with you when he claimed you, which would have implied consent, and your own life will be turned upside down as a result of this claiming. We figured that would be what you wanted.”

Taking a deep breath Scott looked straight at Damien.  “There is only one thing I want if I agree to go through with this mating.  I want the right to claim you in return – properly,” he added.

Damien’s face shut down and his eyes were bleak.  Scott was only a beta wolf.  The thought of an Alpha wolf of Damien’s power and stature submitting to Scott, even if it was in the bedroom was almost unheard of.  Damien had never been fucked by anyone, for reasons of his own, and he wasn’t sure he could ever give up his anal virginity, even to his mate.

“What if I can’t agree to that?  Will I lose my pack, my life?” Damien’s voice was deadly calm and it ran over Scott like a caress, even if the words themselves jarred his soul.

“No, I would never do that to you,” Scott said, equally calm.  “Kane and Troy thought they were acting in my best interests and I really appreciate that.  But I won’t have you lose everything including your life because of one moment of angst.  Troy is withdrawing the complaint, so there is no case to answer.”

Surprise etched on his face, Damien asked, “So what will happen if I don’t agree to your terms?”

“You will go back to Texas and resume your life, and I will continue to live here and get on with mine.  Neither one of us will have sex again, but I am sure that will be a small price for you to pay for your pride.”

If Scott sounded angry, it was because he was.  But he wouldn’t yield on this point.  Damien wasn’t anything like the mate he had dreamed off, and although the sexual tension in the room was growing, simply by virtue of the two of them being in the same room, it wasn’t enough for Scott.  He had to be an equal to Damien in at least one respect, and he wasn’t backing down.

Damien was silent for the longest time and then he raised his head and shook it.

“I’m sorry Scott, I don’t think that I can give you what you want,” the sorrow in his voice evident.

“Fine,” said Scott, even though in that moment his heart broke in two.  “Have a safe trip back to Texas.”

Adult Excerpt

“Scott, please I need you to open your eyes for me.”

“Na ah,” Scott gave out a weak bark of a laugh, keeping his eyes firmly closed.  “You catch me out with that every time.  I open my eyes and pouf, you’re gone.  Seems I can’t manage a visual hallucination to save my life. I’m going to enjoy this while I can. I can imagine what you look like.”  He ran his hand up Damien’s arm and across solid pectoral muscles, causing tingles to go shooting to Damien’s groin.  When Scott’s hand swept across Damien’s abs, they tightened and flexed seeking more of the sensuous touch.

“Not one hair anywhere,” Scott murmured softly. “So damn hot.”

His body on fire from that simple caress, Damien tried one last time. “Scott, I’m here. I am real. Please open your eyes and look at me.”

“Not a chance,” Scott said giving a little laugh. “This is the best hallucination slash dream I’ve had yet.  Now I wonder…” his hands going to the button on Damien’s jeans as his voice trailed off.  Within seconds he had Damien’s jeans undone and a firm hand wrapped around Damien’s hot, needy cock.

“Oh yes,” Scott rasped quietly, “as big as I imagined and so fucking hard.”

“Scott.” Damien let out a tortured moan as Scott’s hand started to move, up and down his prick, catching the pre-come Damien was leaking copiously and using it to aid in his movements.

Unable to sit still a minute longer, Damien bent and wrapped his arms firmly around Scott as the man still lay on the bed, forcing his lips over Scotts’, his tongue pushing its way in and plundering the man’s mouth. He was desperate to be inside of his mate in any way possible and his tongue in Scott’s mouth was a good start.  After just a minute hesitation Scott responded, throwing himself urgently into the simple yet carnal act of kissing – his eyes still tightly closed, his hands still working their magic on Damien’s cock.

Damien’s whole body came alive as he was swamped by the wonder that was his mate.  The man’s touch, his taste, his smell, all worked together in perfect harmony, driving Damien to the point of release at a frantic pace.  The hands on his cock were hard and firm, manipulating Damien’s need.  Unable to help himself, Damien thrust up into those hands, twitching helplessly as Scott ran one hand over Damien’s sensitive cock head, dipping his fingernail into the tiny slit.  Damien thrust his hips again and again, begging for more.  And Scott gave it to him, his two hands playing Damien’s cock and slit until the bigger man wanted to beg to come.

Wrenching his mouth from Scott, Damien growled against the man’s ear, “Bite me,” nudging Scott’s mouth to his neck.  Scott inhaled deeply, as if to impregnate his mate’s smell deep inside his memory and then, eyes still tightly closed, Scott bit down hard, breaking the skin, and causing Damien’s blood to flow freely into his mouth.  Damien’s nerve endings went into sensory overload and he roared as his climax ripped through his entire body and exploded from the end of his cock, still encased in Scott’s firm grasp.  Seconds later, he felt Scott’s chest shudder against him as the man found his own release.

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