You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me

The Gods Made Me Do It Book 2

Poseidon, ancient Greek God of the Sea, ruler of earthquakes and once worshiped by thousands as a fertility god, was bored and that could be a dangerous thing for people around him. Deciding to visit his son, Nereus and friends at the Cloverleah pack; Poseidon causes his own brand of trouble, resulting in a night out at a club. All he wanted was a bed partner for a few hours. What he got was so much more.

Alpha Claude wanted nothing more than to rule his pack, care for his pack members and accept the offer of a warm body when his urges got too strong. When Kane, Alpha of Cloverleah calls and says he wants to bring a special visitor, he was intrigued. But when a silver-haired god walks into his club, he knows his life is going to change. He just didn’t realize how much.

Gods dropping in, visits from family and pesky secrets have a way of making things difficult. Fighting outside foes is easy; the problems that flare between two very different men might be enough to scupper their mating before it has a chance to settle. Will they ever find their HEA or are the differences between a land creature and a god of the sea too great to overcome?

This is an M/M true mates book and as such comes with the obligatory warnings. While this is book two in the series and can be read as a standalone, readers will have a better understanding of secondary characters and off page references if they have read book one and the Cloverleah series, in particular, On the Brink.

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Chapter One
Somewhere under the sea.
Bored. Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, brother of Zeus and
Hades, ruler of the waters, earthquakes, and storms, and
rightfully worshiped as a fertility god (at least in his opinion), was
bored. His bed warmer for the evening had already gone home.
Poseidon frowned as he tried to remember the name.
Bob…Job…Percy? He flicked a finger, watching the huge diamond
on his dresser quiver and shake. Will it…won’t it…damn, it didn’t
fall. Which meant Poseidon didn’t have a reason to get out of bed
and pick it up. Not that he had to. Another flick of his finger
would take care of that.
“I’m fucking bored,” he yelled at the ceiling, his words echoing
around the cavernous room. That was the problem with being a
god. It wasn’t easy to make friends. Everywhere he went people
fawned over him, usually wanting a favor or bed-bragging rights.
Poseidon sighed and plucked at his coverlet. Even sex was getting
boring; not that he’d admit that thought to a living soul. A
different face every night was fun for a while but after a few
What was it Nereus said? My bedroom should have a revolving
door? Poseidon flicked a finger again watching as the dark oak
doors that guarded his inner sanctum changed to a circle of glass
panels. “UGH. I don’t know how people can stand those things.
Revolving doors indeed. Makes my room look like a department
store.” At least, Poseidon guessed that’s where someone would
find a revolving door. It’s not as though he’d ever been in any
kind of store in his life. A quick finger flick got rid of the offending
pieces of glass.
I wonder what Zeus is doing? But no, Poseidon quickly shoved
thoughts of his brother away. If he and Zeus got together there’d
be a fight. Damn man still hadn’t forgiven him for stealing his
ambrosia. He could visit Hades, but then…Poseidon shook his
head. Hades had been in a weird mood lately. Something about
Thanatos finding his mate and bringing him to the Underworld.
Poseidon wasn’t sure if Hades was happy for the couple or not.
Sometimes it didn’t pay to ask.
This mate business is certainly keeping those old bats busy, he
mused as he lay back on his covers, studying his reflection in the
mirrored tiles on the ceiling. That was something else he’d never
say out loud. The Fates were still cross with him for sinking
Atlantis. What are those busybodies up to? First, there was
Nereus. Poseidon was sure his son Nereus was pulling his leg
when he claimed to have not one mate but two. Now he had one
son living in a wolf pack of all places while Nereus’s brother,
Lasse, was pleading with the Fates to give him a mate too.
Abraxas, there’s another one. Poseidon wondered if that was why
he was feeling so out of sorts. He and Abraxas, one of the Sun
Horses, had shared a long and very casual affair for almost
eternity. They had two sons; both of which had been passed into
Poseidon’s care from a young age. Mers couldn’t live in the House
of the Sun; a fact that broke Abraxas’s heart. And now they’re all
playing happy families. Maybe…. Poseidon sat up, pushing that
thought away. He did not believe in mates for gods and definitely
didn’t want one.
“I’ll go out,” he announced to the room in general. “I’ll go and see
if that delicious little pack is gathered around Nereus’s pathetic
little pool. If they’re not, I will hunt them down. All those hot
bodies. I won’t be able to touch, but hell, it’s fun to tease.”
Without questioning his decision, he was a god, after all, Poseidon
closed his eyes. Seconds later the cavernous room under the sea
was empty. Nothing but rumpled bed sheets to indicate he’d ever
been there.



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