The Great Fuzz Debate

Hi everyone, I hope you have all recovered from your holiday festivities and have found some quiet time for yourself. I have a question? Beards or no beards.

Now the reason I ask is simple. Nereus, my gorgeous merman in On The Brink (Coming January 10th) is inspired by the wonderfully sexy looking Brock O’Hurn.  Most pictures of him highlight his lovely hair and his scruff. As I personally am not a fan of scruff, it was always my intention, when Nereus was mated, to have him shave it off.

But I met opposition to that idea. Apparently a lot of you like the scruff. So, before I decide if the shaving scene is a good idea or not, I wanted you guys to vote on it. Here are two pictures of the darling Brock (or for my purposes, Nereus). Which one do you prefer?

This is Merman with Teilo, one of his mates. As you can see, he is drop-dead droolworthy with a scruff.

But my friend Phil, found me a picture of him without it – well almost completely clean-shaven.

Brock/Nereus was a lot younger in this second photo, but personally I think the older version could benefit from a chat with a razor. What do you think?

Stay safe for New Year:)

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53 responses to The Great Fuzz Debate

  1. lynette McCormick

    the beard,he looks better with it

  2. Taylor

    Definitely with!!!!!

  3. Judy Stone

    I’m not a big fan of facial hair. Brock O’Hurn, AKA Nereus, looks fabulous either way. BUT! I didn’t realize he had a cleft chin. OMG, can you imagine the shaving scene? And all the wonderful naughty things his mates can do as he’s doing the big reveal? Yowza!

    Whichever way you decide, Lisa. It’s the man inside that’s important, not the packaging. He could be drop dead gorgeous and complete butthead. To be beautiful on the inside and the outside? My kind of hero.

  4. Kayce

    The first one

  5. Danielle

    Beard please!!!! Totally up to you though 🙂 I can’t wait to read it either way!

  6. I love the beard. It just needs trimming so it tucks in and follows his beautiful jaw line.

  7. Jen

    I’d go with a modified beard, myself. Maybe a trimmed goatee with a soul patch similar to the one in this image:

    I agree with the person who said he had a beautiful jaw line that needs to be showcased and a nicely trimmed jaw-hugging goatee/’stache combo would do that while still giving his mates some jawline to lick.

    Oh – and let him keep that light dusting of chest hair you see in some pics too! I’ve always thought it odd when I find out a guy shaves his chest. To me, while the bare look is definitely sleek and sexy, there is something so utterly masculine and droolworthy about a little chest hair that makes my heart melt. I’m not talking second-cousin-to-a-bear amounts of hair here (I’d shave too in that instance…lol) – just enough to add some texture and a bit of color to a man’s chest.

    • Caligirl

      That is nice … but I prefer the full beard with it well trimmed!! And CHEST HAIR!! Well, Ms. Lisa does not let them have ANY BODY hair … only what is on the head.