The Viper’s Heart is out now…and there’s a giveaway

Thank you all for your lovely support. The Viper’s Heart is now live on Amazon and will be at the other usual outlets within the next week.

To celebrate I am doing another giveaway. All you have to do is tell me who your favorite character is in the Cloverleah pack, and why. You have to include the why.  Simply put your ideas in the comments below.

The competition is open for a week and on the 19th October I will randomly select one winner to receive an ebook copy of The Viper’s Heart and a free paperback of any of the titles I currently have for sale in that format.  It doesn’t matter where you live, I am happy to cover the cost of postage.

So put your thinking caps on and let me know which one of my lovely Cloverleah men you like best.

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20 responses to The Viper’s Heart is out now…and there’s a giveaway

  1. Diane Bryant

    That’s easy it is Kyle. He is so innocent and basic in his thinking that it is refreshing when I read that book. He is so uncomplicated. He is my perfect mate or what I would want in a mate.

  2. Mary

    Aelfric! He may be dramatic, over the top, and a occasionally a royal pain, but his love for not only his mates, but the pack members, and their mates, is beyond measure. Plus, he’s sweet, funny, and sassy as hell!

  3. Eydie Gellins

    Wow, not an easy question since I love the whole pack! I’m thinking at least one of my favorites is Matthew. He is so big and strong but so gentle and loving with Dean. And so protective of his little mate. It is so romantic when these big strong alphas fall in love and would do anything for their mates. Thanks for this wonderful series and I’ll be anxiously waiting for more!

  4. Cali

    Shawn, because he has the power to do it all but he doesn’t. He is humbled with it.

  5. Nancy

    Dean he went through so much in his young life and then having the strength and courage to go with Kane with him being an alpha and with other Alphas as well. Then when he meets Matthew and he is so strong and still so sweet. He is my hero in so many ways. How good he is with the kid’s that are kidnapped in Scott’s story . So strong with so much hurt in his life.

  6. KarenJ

    Kane Matthews. Because he and Shawn were the first in this wonderful series and he was so vulnerable when he didn’t think he could have a mate because he was gay. When he found Shawn and realized what he was to him it was such a great moment in this series.

  7. Tami

    Dean is my favorite! I love how even though he is an omega and the smallest he is not afraid to stand up for himself, his mate, or any of the other pack members.

  8. lynette

    hi there, my favorite is Aelfric and Fafnir, why cuz they don’t no the meaning of the word NO, they r both sneaky and they like to go places when they should’nt.

  9. Donna Mayer

    Luke would have to be my favorite. He is soft hearted and cares about everyone’s feelings, but can kick butt when he needs too.

  10. Xanthe

    How are you supposed to choose?! I love Dean, his sweet and caring nature is so easy to love and brings the pack together, whether it’s for protecting him or just their general coming together as a pack/unit. Luke is just adorable, so easy-going and lovable but put his mates or pack in danger and you’ll literally release the bear. But I think it has to be Kane. From the beginning his love and protection for his ever growing pack and his complete devotion to Shawn is completely adorable. Anything that comes against his pack, which is an ever growing list, he will protect them with everything he is.

  11. Debra Guyette

    My first one is always my favorite Kane

  12. Tammi Hammond

    Luke is my favorite.. he has a child like innocence but is still passionate, compassionate, fun, playful, and not afraid to stand up for himself or the men he loves.
    And this is a hard ass question because I love ALL the guys!! LOL

  13. Angel

    My favorite is Jax. I love all of them but I have to pick. He is my favorite because he loves everyone and portects them all no matter how upset he is at certain characters at the time

  14. Sherry prince

    That is such a hard question. It’s between Shawn and dean. Shawn because that is the book that started me on loving your books. Dean because he is just so sweet but definitely stands up for himself.

  15. Judy Stone

    This is a totally unfair question for those of us who love all the CP gang. But if I HAD to choose, I’d choose Griff. Griff, the quiet second, has more layers than a parfait. He’s intelligent, laid-back; he may look like a bad-boy biker, but at heart he’s a peacemaker. He supports his alpha and the pack to the best of his abilities. But he doesn’t take guff from anyone and not afraid to tell Kane to butt out of his and Diablo’s mating.

    Unbeknownst to most of the pack, he works undercover for the FBI pulling endangered agents out of dangerous, potentially deadly situations.

    I like intelligent, complicated characters and Griff fits the description to a T.

  16. Devon

    I have to pick one?!? Cruel lady…ack…I honestly don’t think I can pick just one. I like them all and for different reasons so I guess I’ll pick one from the book I reread the most.

    Vadim because he is kinda stuffy and antisocial but desperately wants the connection with his Shifter, Josh. He is willing to do anything to make Josh happy and I think their story was the one I most connected to.

  17. Tamara

    It is hard to pick just one. I love all the guys although Luke has become one of my top favorites. I love his tangents. It is so cute and funny. He is so sweet and innocent like well unless he gets mad. Then he is just scary..LOL!!!

  18. Constance

    So many to choose from….but i can only pick one. ummmm Alferic, only because to me he is the mischievous one, gets into trouble all the time, sassy and when you tell him “don’t do that”‘ he goes and does it. Though punishment doled out by Jax isn’t really punishment, now is it 😉

    I love them all!

  19. Jesse Mesimer

    I’ve only read the first three so I don’t know very many of the pack. Still my favourite so far is Griffin. I like the way he always supports and protects the people he cares for. Example is the way he has Kane’s back through the years and the way he rescued Diablo.

  20. Erith

    They are all great guys and I love Griff and Vadim but I’m going to have to plump for Matthew. He’s all alpha but full of compassion, has a moral compass and is full love for his omega.