The Viper’s Heart is Uploaded…

Hi all,

After much fluffing about, some serious page re-writing, and of course the edits from my helpful Judy, I have just clicked the “submit” button on Amazon.  The Viper’s Heart, my first book in my new “Balance” series is currently working it’s way through the Amazon Kindle machine.

I know my lovely readers get excited about my shifter and vampire books, but I do hope that some of you will give this one a try. This is true mates with a bit of a twist, because it involves angels and demons. As you can imagine, it’s not easy getting a couple from opposing sides to be in the same room, let alone become forever partners, but I like the way this story turned out. I hope you do too.

Here is the cover – the stunning torso is another one of the models from Paul Henry Serres – he has some lovely pictures and well worth checking out if you have book covers of your own that need sexy hunks.









And now for the blurb.

The Viper’s Heart

Book One of the Balance Series.
Can be read as a standalone.

Botis, demon lord and ruler of sixty legions is having a rough day. Lucifer set him on a quest to find the potion given to Gilgamesh thousands of years before, which should be easy enough. But being told a visit to the Angel Raziel was a necessary part of the mission wasn’t so easy to understand. Everyone knew that demons and angels didn’t mix, and angels were strictly off limits for his kind. Which was a shame because the moment Botis set eyes on the sexy Raziel his imagination ran into overdrive.

Raziel has a cruisy life. As the Angel of Secrets there aren’t many who darken his door with requests for finding strange artifacts any more, but he’s content. He has his shop, his taxi and his good friends, Anael and Uriel. Having Lucifer in his cab was the first sign things were about to change, but when Botis walks into his shop, Raziel starts to seriously reconsider his angelic abilities. No demon should be able to tempt him, so why was he affected by Botis’s sheer presence?

Soon enough, Raziel and Botis learn their meeting was no accident. With forces at work beyond their control, they have to learn to rely on each other if they are going to beat the odds stacked against them. But how is that possible when Raziel’s untouchable, and Botis doesn’t have a heart?

Warning: Graphic M/M content.

Teasers and excerpts will be out over the next few days.

Thank you for your continued support 🙂

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21 responses to The Viper’s Heart is Uploaded…

  1. Caligirl

    OMYGOSH!! CANNOT WAIT!! You will ALWAYS have my support hon…

  2. Sheryl Black

    Sounds like another good one, as always. You know I will read it.
    Can’t wait!

  3. Lionteen

    I will always read anything you write, I love your books. Looking forward to it.

  4. Erith

    Looking forward to it.

    It sounds as good as your Cloverleah/A&O books.

  5. Zlotty

    Loved all your other books so looking forward to this one

  6. Dolores Marsh

    Just downloaded it can’t wait ❤️

  7. Judy Stone

    Woot! It’s live on Amazon, Lisa!

  8. Nancy

    Can’t wait for this book.

  9. Karen Berzins

    I just bought my copy and am currently reading it. I am positive that it will be 5 stars all the way. You have never written a bad book yet. I am sure that it will be a winner.

  10. Lisao79

    Thank you all, such lovely comments – making me blush 🙂

    • Caligirl

      Ms. Lisa … you know the question I am gonna ask?

      Are they versatile? Or no?

      • Lisao79

        In this book they are 🙂

        • Cali

          YES!! ‘In this book they are’ making it read (sound) like the next one won’t be … wink wink

          • Lisao79

            In some cases it just isn’t possible because it would go against the way the characters come across, but it’s something I prefer 🙂

            • Cali

              I know hon. It is one of the … main reasons … I love and read your books. They are obviously hot, the depth of the characters are heart wrenching sometimes They make you laugh, rage …

  11. Tammy

    Interesting and I can’t wait to read it!!!

  12. Angel

    my favorite character is Jax it is really all of them but since I have to pick its jax. I picked him because he is always keeping everyone safe and loves them all he has the best heart.