The Writer’s Life – Going for a bit of balance

It’s not easy being a writer – anyone who does it will tell you so.  Personally I love filling my head with my characters and the things they get up too, but there are annoying things that have to be done every day.  The washing. Planning meals. Grocery shopping – lol, how I hate grocery shopping.

And then there are the visitors.  Like many of you who write for a living I have my own small office/cabin at home, that is purely my space, and where I spend most of my day.  The problem I have is that because I am technically at home, many people think that it is okay to just drop in, unannounced and then proceed to fill my day.  While I love my family and friends, when my head is in the middle of sex scene, or the latest run of dialogue between my two MCs, it is really hard to stay focused on a gorgeous chubby baby, or the latest gossip that is doing the rounds.

Obviously I didn’t keep my distraction as hidden as I thought I had because towards the end of last year some of my nearest and dearest let it be known that they thought I was becoming a bit of an introvert – heaven forbid, a hermit.  Now in my head a hermit is some bearded long haired man, in dirty clothes who lives in a cave.  I get my nails done regularly, my hair cut once every six weeks and I shower every day!  That is not the life of a hermit.

But I did see where my well meaning friends and family were coming from and this year I am planning to have a bit more of a work/life balance.  I will do something other than write, and dream and… yes, I will.  I am not sure what yet, but I am going to do something.  I have also made it my mission to be more accepting when people come to visit.  It’s nice that they think of me, and want to spend time with me, and…well, that’s what the night time hours are for – I can always write then 🙂

I love my life as a writer – I love interacting with my readers online, I love the storylines that crowd my brain.  I love just pouring the lives of my characters out onto the page and seeing them come to life.  But just as I give my characters life, I have to have a life of my own as well and this year I am going to endeavour to do just that.

So how do you cope with the juggle between writing and your real life?  Is it time for you to be making some changes too, or have you got the perfect system you would be happy to share with me?  Let me know 🙂

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2 responses to The Writer’s Life – Going for a bit of balance

  1. Rebecca E.

    I cope by wishing I was somewhere else! Like right now it is a horrendous 7 degrees and with the wind chill it feels like -100 degrees. What I wouldn’t give to be able to stay home and work, with my dog curled around me. But seriously, when I need time, I disappear. I force myself to go out. Whether it’s to the movies or out to dinner by myself or even hiking on the trails with my dog, I make myself go out. Sometimes I even people watch. Some people make me just laugh out loud for whatever reason. No matter what it is, just make sure it’s what YOU want to do, not what everyone else wants you to do.

  2. Lisao79

    That’s a good idea Rebecca, and one that I will follow. I know I need to go out more, it’s just really hard when I do love my little office space, and I love getting lost in my characters and my books. I will be making an effort to go out more often this year, and your walking the dog sounds perfect – my little Lulu might like that once the tourists have left our beach 🙂
    Stay warm 🙂