Uncaged – Meet the Characters

Hi again, I post the pictures that inspire my main characters on the wall of my office to keep me motivated.  With my new book currently going through the Amazon machine on it’s way to being published, I thought I would share the three pictures that inspired me for my new book – Uncaged, written with my son Thomas.


This is Carlin – Alpha wolf shifter, Alpha Fighter and one of the two main characters. He is absolutely hunky (in my opinion) but a typical Alpha.  Possessive, protective and just a tiny bit of a klutz – well, I couldn’t make him perfect or he’d have no personality 🙂

1800485_10152205267502793_7532430362441180086_nMeet Carlin’s mate, Lucas – Lucas is a hybrid shifter and turn into a number of different animal forms.  I loved that this guy had so much intelligence in those eyes of his – not to mention he’s a hunk.  Yum.  In my story he has long hair and a body to die for.

And…yes this next guy is the baddie of the story, Martin.  But his picture mesmerized me from the moment I saw it – I can see him getting a love interest in a later book, but for now he’s the bad guy.


Hmm, I can just drool over those tattoos lol.  Yes, in Uncaged, Martin is rotten to the core, but we all know that a good love can take care of a multitude of sins, so it will be good to see what comes up in new books in this series (Shifter’s Uprising).

So now you can see what I’ve been using as my motivation over the past few months.  What do you think?

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5 responses to Uncaged – Meet the Characters

  1. Tonya

    This sounds awesome, so when can I buy it and get it in my hands? So are there any other possible books soon to come my way that you are working on? Thanks for all your wonderful books, I just love them!

    • Lisao79

      Hi Tonya, it takes up to 48 hours to go through Amazon process so soon 🙂 I will also put it on ARe and Smashwords so that it can be distributed to B&N and Nook etc, but it takes about a week for that formatting to be done. Thank you for your lovely comments 🙂

  2. Caligirl

    O MY GOSH!! An Alpha is a klutz?! I do not remember that!! LOL You take all the time you need to do what you need to do hon. WE WILL BE WAITING.